Top 3 Reasons Rahway HS Marching Band Rocks!

    Rahway NJ High School Marching Band has been making news lately, but not for their talent.  For the last several months, the HS Marching Band has been hitting a sour note with neighbors…they complain it’s too loud and their walls are vibrating when the Band practices.  And after the Band was silenced May 19th while practicing for the Memorial Day Parade, we here at want to make our own noise and let everyone know the Top 3 Reasons The Rahway HS Marching Band Rocks!

    #3.  Strength in Numbers

    shutterstock_264058049 (1)

    The Rahway HS  Marching Band is over 100 students strong.  That’s a lot of dedication from a lot of students.  These kids could be doing almost anything they want, but they choose to support their school and community.  We applaud you!


    #2.  A HUGE Following


    The band has been practicing there since the school was built in 1941.  There are entire Face Book pages dedicated to support the Band.  Many Alumni are nostalgic for the days they played and marched.


    #1 Top of the Charts


    The Award Winning Band is one of the 10 Ten Marching Bands in the entire state of New Jersey!

    In 2003 and 2005, the Rahway High School Marching Band took 1st place in the USSBA State Championship. In 2008, they finished in 2nd place.






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