Top Industries for Having Affairs in 2018: An Ashley Madison Report

    This week Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating website, released a new study examining the top industries for infidelity in 2018, with stressed out female medical pros taking the number spot for most likely to stray (23%). Is there a link between cheating and career choice?

    According to the study, industries that have a reported higher level of stress seem to be the industries that breed infidelity, hence a cheating spouse. Below are key finding from the study:

    ·  Female teachers and small business owners round out the top 3 spots with 12% and 11% respectively
    ·  The trades industry (e.g electricians, plumbers) is tops for men with 29% of workers looking for affair partners to blow off steam with

    Why does it happen? It’s all about stress-sex connections. For example, the female survey respondents of, the industry with the most cheaters is the medical profession (23%), an industry full of high intensity and highly stressful situations.

    Studies show that women release more oxytocin, the love hormone, than men do when dealing with stress. Because of this, women may feel more compelled to find an escape from those stresses. If you are a medical professional working in an emergency room, or having someone else’s life in your hands, you are more likely to cheat. Most say they cheat because of stress and in the inability of not getting it at home. As a result, they are outsourcing it to an extramarital partner.

    “A combination of long hours of potential stress mixed with a natural reaction to stress just might be the reason these women in the medical profession seek out an affair,” said Isabella Mise,  Director of Communications at Ashley Madison.

    Jobs in teaching, entrepreneurship, and finance all topped the list for female cheaters.

    Top careers for females to cheat

    Medical – 23%
    Education – 12%
    Entrepreneur – 11%
    Finance – 9%
    Social Work – 9%
    Retail/Hospitality – 9%
    Information Technology – 8%
    Marketing Communications – 4%
    Trades – 4%
    Legal – 4%
    Arts/Entertainment – 4%
    Politics – 1%

    As for male respondents, working in the trades was the most common career (29%). This type of work often places a person in danger whether it’s working at extreme heights, in tight spaces, or with heavy machinery meaning on the job stress they might bring home with them. A male is also more likely to cheat if he works irregular hours and often structured in shift work because it’s easier for men to fly under the radar when it comes to sneaking around with an affair partner.

    Top careers for males to cheat

    Trades – 29%
    Information Technology – 12%
    Entrepreneur – 11%
    Retail/Hospitality – 8%
    Finance – 8%
    Marketing/Communications – 6%
    Medical – 5%
    Legal – 4%
    Education – 4%
    Arts/Entertainment – 3%
    Agriculture – 3%
    Social Work – 2%

    A common profession that appeared as one of the top three choices for both men and women was entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs like doing things their own way and on their own terms and are likely to take charge of their sex life the way they do their business.

    To put it short, career loyalty is greater than romantic loyalty.

    Nearly half of respondents (44%) say they never switch jobs, and for those who do, the majority (28%) say they switch their job once every 10 years. Despite staying in their marriage and in their jobs, they are more loyal to their jobs than they are to their spouse. Maybe that’s because it’s easier to find a new partner than it is to find a new career.

    *Survey of 1,074 members of Ashley Madison between February 20, 2018 to February 23, 2018


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