How to Make Business Videos More Engaging

    Every business tends to try to make sure their business videos are as engaging as possible, so that they can keep the interest of viewers and end up increasing conversions. As you can imagine that isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why you need to know exactly how to make your business videos more engaging.

    The good news is that as much as making business videos that are more engaging can be challenging, there are a few ways that you can do just that:

    • Leverage the visuals of your video

    A big part of the reason why videos are so compelling in the first place is because they are a form of visual content that can deliver information in a unique way. It is important that you leverage that fact, and try to use the visuals in your video to deliver its message and points.

    Not only will this make your video more interesting and engage more viewers, but it will also help its message to be delivered without audio. That is key, as more and more viewers are watching videos that are muted – and so it increases your odds of engaging them too.

    • Be direct, succinct, and brief

    Few viewers nowadays have the attention span to sit through a lengthy video, especially if it meanders and doesn’t get to the point. While the optimal length for a business video can vary depending on its purpose and the platform on which it is being published – it is important that you make it as direct, succinct, and brief as possible.

    Try to make sure that the first few seconds of the video (i.e. 5 to 10) are enough to interest viewers and convince them to continue watching. After that focus on delivering the message in a clear but brief manner.

    • Use emotions to drive engagement

    At the end of the day videos that cause viewers to feel an emotional reaction are more engaging – as you can see from the response that funny, inspiring, or shocking videos tend to get. That fact is something that you can use, and if you’re able to provoke an emotional reaction with your business videos, you’ll drive engagement levels up.

    Two of the more popular ways to do that for business videos are with humorous behind-the-scenes videos or case studies that are structured as stories.

    While these tips can help, you’ll still need an editor to compile and create your business videos and you may be hoping to find one that is similar to iMovie. The good news is if you want an alternative to iMovie for PC – you need look no further than Movavi Video Editor.

    Simply put Movavi Video Editor has the same user-friendly and intuitive approach as iMovie, while also packing a punch in terms of features. It will let you trim unwanted parts from your video, enhance its quality, merge clips together, or even apply special effects, filters, animated transitions, and so on.

    In fact you’ll find it a piece of cake to come up with impressive business videos with its help, and if you use the tips listed above you should be able to ensure they’re engaging too. Be sure to give it a try, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use, and what it is capable of.


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