The Fall of Hollywood ‘It’ Couples

    Plastered through weekly tabloids and nightly entertainment news shows, Hollywood couples always make their way into our lives and oftentimes our hearts. We watch these relationships closely from start to finish, and yes I said finish because unfortunately, Hollywood love just doesn’t seem to last nowadays. We have high hopes for these high profile relationships, but celebrity romances all seem to have the same script with a different cast. Let me give you the rundown and you tell me if the story sounds all too familiar.

    Your favorite “It girl” photographed out with your favorite “Man Candy” fuels dating rumors and causes a total media frenzy…

    The two play coy about their relationship stating they are “just friends”, but will undoubtedly continue to be seen together as they subliminally hint to the world through social media or interviews that the public is completely wrong in our assumptions. So they stay mum about their dating status. Once the two lovebirds decide to come out to the world confirming their relationship and affirming their love for one another as more than “just friends”, we are then forced to watch their every blissful move down couples lane- name moniker and all!

    Everyone becomes obsessed as we gush over their red carpet appearances, romantic vacations, adorable interviews and public displays of affection for one another. Some take their relationship the next step with the over the top engagement, blinding us with a monstrous ring, followed by an even more over the top wedding. Then of course comes the baby carriage to become obsessed over.

    We quickly start to realize that all that glitters isn’t always gold. Whether it’s a new costar or a bartender from a strip club, the media rears its ugly head on these picture perfect relationships as they look for every reason to convince us there’s trouble in paradise, printing headlines stating “it’s over” or “he/she cheated!” The couple can only deny and shut down rumors for so long because typically wherever there’s smoke, there is usually fire. Next thing you know whatever perfect façade your favorite couple created ultimately comes crashing down as both parties issue a statement that they have agreed to go their separate ways.

    Divorce amongst celebrities has become as common as their name appearing on a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Behind the smiling faces of Hollywood’s most envied couples are hurting relationships that don’t really seem to stand a chance. We have gotten used to the revolving door dating amongst celebrities. Most of these relationships come in with such a bang that we have come to expect the fire to fizzle just as fast as it was ignited on most of these over the top fast paced unions. But even the quietest, most low-key Hollywood relationships are now pulling the plug on their marriages, even when they have made it well beyond the “7 year itch.” Just when we think a couple has defied all odds against them, we quickly learn that they too are heading towards divorce court and dating the next big thing before the ink has even dried on the divorce papers.

    With the recent breakup’s of country music power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, A -list couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and now pop/rock royalty Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, the little bit of hope we held for Hollywood is quickly dying. And that is just to name the recent couples that have broken our hearts and our hope. 2015 has been the year of celebrity breakups, leaving us all wondering if being a celebrity is to blame for these breakable unions?

    Although real life couples have the stress of daily burdens such as dead end jobs, finances, child care, and other mundane responsibilities that put strain on a relationship, many would assume that celebrities have it easier with their money and access to just about anything they need or want in life at any given time. The stress of being a celebrity and the effects it has on their romantic relationships are very different then our own.

    Living under a microscope of tabloids, media and fans watching their every move, dissecting every action, and analyzing it to make assumptions about their life just to feel like they have a glimpse into their life or a story that will sell, can all cause a huge strain on a relationship. Maybe it’s the abundance of beautiful people that they are surrounded by on a daily basis that makes staying faithful so hard. It could be the egos they have developed on their rise to stardom that make their relationships so replaceable, knowing how desired they are by others outside of their relationship. These relationships become business deals that can make their careers blow up or take a nosedive. We can’t solely blame stardom for the downfall of these “it couples”, but if there is one thing we can almost be certain of when it comes to Hollywood relationships, it’s that they most certainly will end.


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