90 Second Relationship Investment

    By Max Sanders

    We are all seeking clarity, guidance and support in our relationships. They take considerable time, money, effort and emotion to make them work and most couples want a positive return on their long-term investment. However, when you or your partner start to feel like you are settling, the relationship dynamic has withered, the passion needs rekindling or you are more focused on careers, children or other challenges than you are on your relationship, it’s time to install the power of the 90-Second Rule™, which says it takes less than 90-seconds to change your mind and positively reverse your course of action

    What if only a few 90-second investments per day could guarantee more happiness, connection and passion in your relationship? What if this investment could turn your relationship into the one where you and your significant other have a shared vision for the future, you wake up and go to bed happy and no longer bicker or have silly disputes? That’s an investment of less than one percent of your daily, waking hours. Now, “America’s ZoneCoach®” Jim Fannin is revealing how to achieve this through his new book, 90-Seconds to a Great Relationship: The Power of the 90-Second Rule™.

    90-Seconds to a Great Relationship – based off of Fannin’s S.C.O.R.E.® Success System, which provides five keys to optimum achievement – uses The Power of the 90-Second Rule™. With tips, tools and techniques to take you from good morning to good night, Fannin’s book guarantees to help foster relationships, re-ignite passion and cement the bond between couples for the long haul.

    “Life got more complicated from the time you met your ’significant other’ until now,” says Fannin. “It happens. When there are dual careers, children, in-laws, step-kids, blended families, financial woes and health problems, it’s easy to flood your mind with negativity. This is normal. Many times, a small adjustment and re-tooling is all you and your relationship need. Make a daily investment in your relationship by utilizing these 90-Second Rule™ tools. This is a small investment that guarantees a large return.”

    There are five daily usages of the 90-Second Rule™ that form the 90-Seconds to a Great Relationship, guaranteeing a dynamic, loving relationship:

    • Good Morning 90-Second Rule™
    • Good-bye 90-Second Rule™
    • Mental Movie 90-Second Rule ™
    • Greeting 90-Second Rule™
    • Good Night 90-Second Rule™

    “The relationship tools you will find in this book have been time-tested and proven for over four decades,” adds Fannin. “The 90-Seconds to a Great Relationship techniques are powerful, quick and most importantly, they work. I hope you take these tools and build or rebuild your most successful relationship possible.”

    Jim Fannin, “America’s ZoneCoach®” is the “World’s #1 Coach of Champions” by producing more champions in life, business and sports than anyone on earth since 1974. He is a mental performance coach, author, professional speaker, life strategist, sports and business consultant and former professional tennis player. Using his S.C.O.R.E.® Success System with its proven 90-Second Rule™ tools and techniques, Fannin has privately coached hundreds of professional athletes from ten sports including 26 MLB All-Stars, Olympic gold medalists, seven top ten ranked professional tennis players, NBA All-Stars, NFL All-Pros, and a MLS MVP. In addition, Fannin has personally trained tens of thousands of corporate executives and hundreds of companies from 50 industries in peak performance. Thousands of couples have used Jim’s 90-Second Rule™ tools and techniques to enhance and even save their relationships and marriages. 90-Seconds to a Great Relationship is his newest book. He is also the author of S.C.O.R.E. For Life and The Pebble in the Shoe.

    Connect with Jim Fannin on www.jimfannin.com and Twitter, www.twitter.com/jimfannin.
    90-Seconds to a Great Relationship is available from www.jimfannin.com and Amazon.


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