Top 5 Creative Halloween Costumes That Are Also Controversial

    Gone are the days when thinking up your Halloween costume meant creating the scariest and most ghoulish look. The preferred choice was a classic witch’s costume complete with broomstick, but not now. People (and celebs too) now take Halloween dressing seriously; the goal, of course, is to garner the most likes and generate the loudest buzz. However, attempts at creativity backfire when the costumes cross the line of weird, wacky, and scary and become downright disrespectful, offensive, and insensitive. Here are 5 “creative” Halloween costumes that have sparked more outrage than amusement in recent times:

    1. #5. Oscar Pistorius Adult Blade Runner Halloween Costume

    Oscar Pistorius Adult Blade Runner Halloween Costume (Image courtesy
    Oscar Pistorius Adult Blade Runner Halloween Costume (Image courtesy

    South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was an inspiration to many till he killed his girlfriend. So it is not surprising that the Oscar Pistorius Adult Blade Runner Halloween costume with a toy gun has raised eyebrows. This costume is on sale at an online store and in the words of the retailer, the attire will trigger controversy.

    1. #4. Chris Brown’s Taliban Halloween Costume

    Chris Brown in His Taliban Halloween Costume (Image courtesy TMZ on Twitter)
    Chris Brown in His Taliban Halloween Costume (Image courtesy TMZ on Twitter)

    Rapper Chris Brown has a penchant for stirring up controversy. He and his friends arrived at a Halloween party in 2012 dressed as Talibans, sporting beards and toting guns. They happily posed for photographs as shocked guests looked on.

    The Taliban is at the forefront of the radical Islamic terrorism that has seen thousands of people killed over the past decade. 9/11 is a terrible memory that will haunt Americans for years to come. But it seems Chris Brown thinks terrorism is amusing!

    1. #3. Ebola Containment Suit Halloween Costume

    Ebola Containment Suit Halloween Costume (Image courtesy
    Ebola Containment Suit Halloween Costume (Image courtesy

    The Ebola Containment Suit Halloween costume is complete with a face shield, breathing mask, blue latex gloves, and eye goggles and is available for purchase on several online retail stores. Although the manufacturers and retailers would like us to believe that they want to create awareness with this costume, not many are impressed.

    The Ebola virus has ravaged many parts of Africa and has even reached the shores of the U.S. One retail store plays with words and claims that this costume will be the most “viral” one this year. But look up some statistics; the Ebola-ravaged African countries are still reeling under the financial and social losses of the outbreak.

    1. #2. Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume

    Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume (Image courtesy
    Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume (Image courtesy

    This Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume, which mocks at the Vanity Fair cover that the reality star appeared on after her transition from Bruce to Caitlyn, is on sale at several online retail stores. One store even packs in a corset and wig with the dress.

    Although the reality star herself is not ruffled, the transgender community is outraged at what they believe is an attempt to reduce Caitlyn and all members of the community to stereotypes. They think that by mocking Caitlyn’s identity, this costume will further marginalize a much-misunderstood group.

    1. #1. Psycho Ward Halloween Costume


    Psycho Ward Halloween Costume (Image courtesy
    Psycho Ward Halloween Costume (Image courtesy

    Mental illness is a sensitive subject in many countries of the world. The conditions and ailments are much misunderstood and their symptoms in the patients invite ridicule or invoke fear. People suffering from psychological disorders live in a friendless world.

    According to the manufacturers and retailers, this Hannibal Lecter-themed Psycho Ward Halloween costume is apt for a horror-themed party. But there are plenty of people who believe that this attire will give the impression that those who are admitted in a psychiatric facility are to be feared.

    Do you know someone who is battling a terrible mental illness? If so, will you buy this costume?

    Halloween costumes, whether they are fun, scary, or cute, have a touch of lightness, gaiety, or frivolity about them. These 5 Halloween costumes are no doubt, creative, but they mock at serious issues. These costumes get noticed and talked about for days afterwards, but unfortunately, the issues that inspired these attires get sidelined. In a trouble-torn world of ours that desperately needs sensitivity as much as solutions, these shocking Halloween costumes seem to reduce the gravity of the problems and even desensitize people by parodying the problems.


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