Top 5 Things You Need To Know About New Jersians

    5 Things To Know About Jersians

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    #5. Our pronunciation.

    There’s a city in New Jersey that houses a major airport and transit system.  It’s called Newark.  But it’s not pronounced “NEW ARC”  – it’s “Nwerk” and it’s one syllable, not two.  Say it quick…Nwerk.  There you go.  Spoken like a true Jersian.

    #4. We don’t need GPS, we have “Exits”.

    For some reason we feel the need to not only tell you what city we live in, but we like to give you directions as well.

    Ask a Jersian where they live and in most cases, you will get a city name followed by something like “just off Exit 88” or “Exit 30 off of 80”.  And we also know how to have fun during the holidays with our Exit signs…

    When you say “Make a left at the Roundabout” we have no idea what you mean.

    In Jersey it’s called a Circle and/or Jug Handle.  And if you miss a left at the jug handle, no worries, chances are there’s one up ahead, probably less than a mile away.

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    #3. Pumping Gas.

    We don’t.  All stations are full service.  So while you out of staters are fighting with the pump, we’re cozy in our cars checking status updates , Insta photos, and twitter feeds.

    #2.  We are not Jersey Shore.

    When you go Down the Shore it’s not riddled with 20-something drinking and clubbing (well, in some places).  But, as a whole, The Jersey Shore has beautiful beaches, state parks, historical locations that are just breathtaking.  The boardwalks are full of families enjoying vacations, rides, games  and some of the best food on earth.  You have not had a sausage and pepper sandwich until you’ve had one from the Jersey Shore.  Trust us.

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     #1. Taylor Ham (aka Pork Roll)

    This is a New Jersey staple.  It’s perfectly acceptable to eat any time of day.  That “Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese on a Hard Roll” tastes just as awesome for 9 am breakfast as it does after the bar closes down at 2 am.  It’s considered a full meal if you add “Disco Fries”.  Also, as a bonus, you can add Taylor Ham and a fried egg to a burger at any time of the day as well.  Just ask for a Jersey Burger, they’ll know what you mean.



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