Top Favorite Halloween Candy By State

    Check out this list if top favorite Halloween candy by state for 2015. You never knew you were being judged by the candy you give out on Halloween. Think again! Like ‘Mean Girls’ in high school hallways nationwide – those witches are whispering, goblins are gossiping, clowns are clamoring and the vampires – well, the vampires are too busy sucking blood to care about candy – but you get the idea. Halloween 2015 is upon us, so start rocking your ‘spook’ and tightening up your candy game…trick-or-treating has become a competitive sport and favorites vary from state-to-state. And here we were all thinking Candy Corn was the hands down end-all-be-all. Check out America’s favorite Halloween candy by state…is your state all about the chocolate or the sugar? Do you agree with your “candy mascot”? If not, comment below and clock in your vote.

    Candy State by State

    The Halloween Candy Winner

    This house is not only the best dressed on the block, but so are the people who live in it. They are pimped out in prestige custom made costumes and have been rehearsing their opening-door monologue shtick since March. (Willy Wonka himself might pay the mortgage on this place). The great Twix debate was solved at their very dining room table. The Nestle family vacations there and Hershey Park has thought about re-locating to the backyard. This place is chocoholic heaven. The rumor mill boasts that you can tap the trees here for a steady flow of fudge, the pool out back is filled with melted caramel and the shrubs in front sprout Reese’s Pieces (all hearsay, of course). What goodies can you expect from the Hallo-Winner’s house and what US State are they a fave in*?

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Connecticut, Rhode Island)
    3 Musketeers (Delaware, New Mexico)
    Snickers (Alaska, Illinois)
    Hershey’s Kisses (Mississippi, Missouri)
    100 Grand Bar (Hawaii, Minnesota)
    Butterfinger (Idaho, North Carolina)
    Reese’s Pieces (Indiana, Virginia)
    Twix (Iowa, District of Columbia)
    Almond Joy  (Maryland, Vermont)
    M&M’s (Michigan, Oklahoma)
    Milky Way (Colorado, Ohio)
    Nestle Crunch (Florida)
    Kit Kat Bar (Montana)
    Tootsie Rolls (New Hampshire)
    Toblerone (Arizona)
    Whoppers (Kentucky)

    The Dental Devil

    You need a teeth cleaning before you even get to the front door to capture your loot – after all it is constructed out of Candy Buttons and Pez (not brick and mortar). This is the house that Candy Land was modeled after. The M&M guys should hide out here for safe keeping, for the only thing this household is interested in is PURE, BOP OFF THE WALLS SUGAR. You can catch the rainbow here, hug a Sour Patch Kid and swim in a tub of Fun Dip with a Life Saver flotation device. Though tooth decay is imminent, your jack-o-lantern bucket is already missing teeth and he seems to be getting along just fine. What goodies can you expect from the Dental Devil’s home and what US State are they a fave in*?

    Candy Corn (Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming)
    Airheads (Alabama, Washington)
    Skittles (Arkansas, Nebraska)
    Swedish Fish (Louisiana, Pennsylvania)
    Laffy Taffy (South Dakota, Wisconsin)
    Starburst (Maine, Massachusetts)
    Sour Patch Kids (New Jersey, North Dakota)
    Lifesavers (California)
    Pixy Stix (Georgia)
    Twizzlers (Kansas)
    Jolly Ranchers (Nevada)
    Sweet Tarts (New York)
    Nerds (Utah)

    The Cheaper Creeper

    It is definitely a “trick” – not a treat. Their heart might be in a good place (or not, I mean, we did coin them ‘the creeper’), but they could learn a thing or two from above masters of ‘Ween. What to expect from this house? Nothing.  Unless you consider loose candy corns, pennies, paper clips, packet samples from magazines and multi-colored popcorn balls something. Your efforts are appreciated, but if you were on Tinder we would be swiping left. Wait – we just did.

    Comment below and let us know what your all-time-favorite Halloween candy is…and as for those of you from West Virginia looking on the list – you voted for Oreos…really?? #NotCandy

    Please feel free to redeem yourselves in the comments below as well.

    *data and image courtesy of Influenster (who surveyed over 40,000 Influensters about their favorite Halloween Candy)


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