Top 5 American Cities for Every Aspiring Musician

    Aspiring musicians understand that the music industry is tough and that it may take years to get into. Everyone loves to be around good music and the only way for young artists to be discovered is to go out and get noticed. You may be discovered by a big name just passing through. As a musician, you cannot expect to succeed in a small town where everyone already knows your name, and you must be willing to see what is out there. You need to branch out and experience places that support emerging musicians and have plenty of venues to showcase your talent and create a fanbase. 

    If you are an aspiring musician, you also need to cut back costs so that you can dedicate your time and money to your craft. In America, there are easily 20 cities that are ideal for ambitious musicians, and here are just five that you should consider.


    Atlanta is home to some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Ciara, Toni Braxton, Usher, and Ludacris. It is one of the few US cities that support local artists the most. The city has unique venues with open-mic nights where any musician can bring their talent to the stage. Some of the most well-known artists were born in Atlanta and quickly rose to fame because of the open atmosphere and acceptance of local talent.

    Blues, country, indie rock, and pop are very popular scenes in Atlanta and form a major part of the nightlife of the city. There are plenty of recording studios available, and the cost of living is quite affordable. As a musician, living within your means is important until you hit the big time. The average cost of a one-bedroom flat is just under $500 per week. The population that is involved in music-related occupations is relatively low, so there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious musicians. 


    Massachusetts has one of the best live music scenes in the country. This city is especially ideal for any rock ‘n roll or jazz musician. Classical music is also a big contender for the Boston nightlife and some of the biggest names in rock music history. Aerosmith from the 90s started out as a small punk rock band in Boston and soon became a household name. Live music is abundant in Boston, MA so you will have no problem finding a venue to play your songs. 

    For any struggling musician, Boston is the perfect place to start as most of the local venues are also music clubs in which unknown artists can book a gig. Where the rent is a bit more than other U.S cities, Boston has opportunities for new musicians on almost every corner of the street. There is no shortage of music venues to play at, you just have to be willing to go up and perform. 

    Los Angeles

    This popular location is home to Paramount Recording Studio and Capitol Records; however, the percentage of the population involved in the music industry is only six percent. What this indicates is that is it can be a wonderful city for a thriving new artist to get exposure. Not only are the recording studios plentiful, but the music scene in LA is also booming at the moment. Elton John’s career exploded when he performed at the Troubadour in LA. There are numerous hotels, theatres, arenas, and sports centers that host thousands of new and upcoming artists each year.

    If you are looking for a place to make connections and perform in the same famous venues as other musicians, this city is for you. Home to the well-known Los Angeles recording studio, PIRATE, you’ll have access to a variety of spaces in which to record your music. It’s not only for musicians, since Pirate also offers recording and rehearsal studios for dancers, singers, DJs, and videographers. They have more than 700 studios to choose from that are available 24-hours a day.


    This city in Tennessee has a club for every artist. Nashville has seen mostly country singers pass through, and as a place to live, it is not only cheap, but vibrant and alive with entertainment venues. The streets of Nashville’s popular regions are lined with neon lighting that can be seen from miles away. Pretty much every restaurant, café, or bar has a live music scene, and many big names still go there each year to perform for their fans.

    Everyone knows Taylor Swift, Kesha, Willie Nelson, the Black Eyes Peas, and Kings of Leon. They all were born and raised in this small town. With only a population of about 300,000 citizens, music is the biggest form of entertainment that everyone joins in on. There are at least 50 other bands, artists, and other famous performers that come from this humble city. 

    New Orleans

    When people think of this city, the first thing to come to mind are witches, voodoo magic, and music. The first two are just for tourist attractions, but music is where the city really comes alive. New Orleans has the Jazz and Heritage Festival and has been called the most accessible place for aspiring musicians. This city is a very strong competitor in the music industry and the perfect place to start out as a musician. 

    The live music scene is immense, and every citizen you encounter is extremely friendly. Music is a big part of the New Orleans culture, and you can hear people singing in the streets often. You will listen to some of the most unique voices and lyrics in the world. Fame is not exactly important to this city, rather there is a deep passion for the beauty of music. Anyone looking to expand their career can find a home in this musical community of the U.S.

    Music is a big part of many people’s lives and for aspiring musicians, it is their whole life. To be a successful artist in the music industry, you have to be willing to explore what is out there. Don’t be afraid to show the world what you have to offer. If you live in the U.S, these five cities are perfect choices to start your music career.


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