5 Intermediate Tips for Countering VALORANT Agents

    Valorant has as many as 17 agents you can either play with or play against. Therefore, you can’t expect to be fighting against teams with the same composition in every match. Especially since each agent has unique abilities. This places you and the entire team at different risks with each game you get to play

    This makes it vital for you to approach the game with a versatile strategy. So, in this article, we will be providing tips to help you counter some Valorant agents that are considered major threats. Also, here are some of the best valorant Cheats to help you quicken your progress in Valorant.

    5 Tips for countering Valorant agents

    1. Brimstone

    Brimstone is a controller that uses his smoke to blind his enemies. The good news is that he has only three smokes and can’t re-smoke like Omen or Astra. So a good strategy is to bait him into using his smokes early in the match. Unfortunately, once he has exhausted his smokes, he is no good as a controller, leaving his team open to attacks.

    2. Cypher’s camera and tripwire

    You must have come across Cypher’s camera and tripwire set above the garden’s entry or above hookah. So it is good to anticipate these cameras, especially on B site Bind. Thankfully, with agents like Sova, Skye, or Raze, you can counter the tripwires with their abilities.

    Abilities like Raze’s nade and boombot, Sova’s shock darts, and Skye’s dog can find or destroy Cypher’s tripwires. Also, whenever you get close to any tripwire, listening to the sound can help you find the tripwire and, sometimes, Cypher. 

    3. Countering Astra

    Like you may have already learned, Astra’s star anywhere on the map can get even advanced players confused. This is because her smoke lasts for only two seconds, after which you are exposed. However, you can differentiate Astra’s smoke from regular smokes- regular smokes last for up to 15 seconds. So you simply have to wait for two seconds before rushing into any smoke for cover.

    Apart from her smoke, Astra is a calculative agent that carefully maps out strategies against her enemies. Making it almost impossible to get engaged with her in face-to-face combat. To make it difficult for her to trap you in her schemes, engage her with quick movements. This adds to your advantage since she is most likely to make mistakes in her hasty decisions.

    4. Breach

    When you know Breach is around the corner, stay out of sight and as far away as possible. Because he can target enemies from afar by stunning them and then rushing in to kill the stunned enemy. Staying at a safe angle will make it difficult for Breach to target you.

    If you already got stunned, you may be chanced to launch a molly or make an attempt to flash your opponent. It gives your team members a chance to retake. Also, while you are stunned, avoid shooting straight. Shooting at angles is a good way to make your enemies refrain from approaching you. 

    5. Killjoy

    One sentinel agent that could prove a big deal is Killjoy. This is because she has a lot of abilities that she could use against her enemies, making her a hard kill. So the smartest thing to do is to keep a great distance from her and try to destroy her abilities from there. 

    Her most frustrating ability is the Nanoswarm since it deals great damage and is difficult to spot. Also, it can be activated irrespective of how far away Killjoy is. Luckily, it has an audio cue that makes you aware that you are not far from one. Make sure to use good gaming-specific headphones to help you pick these low-level sounds.

    Also, since a majority of her abilities require sightline for activation, you be invisible and get past them. However, note that Killjoy remains a formidable foe even without her abilities. So if you must kill her, be ready for some long combat.


    The tips in this article will help you stay prepared for any agents in your opponent’s team. Also, it contains information on what you should anticipate and possible ways to counter the risks. So, we encourage you to memorize these tips and apply them in your next Valorant match. Also, the best way to stay equipped is by experimenting with as many agents as possible.


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