Time Management Hacks Millennials Need the Most


    If there’s one skill every person in the world could benefit from, it’s time management. We live in a very fast-paced world that requires us to keep juggling several things at once, and not knowing how to handle these challenges can lead to stress piling up on our shoulders and both our career and private lives suffering. Millennials are one of the most vulnerable groups because a lot of them are having to work harder than ever and they are stuck between a multitude of responsibilities that can drain their energy if not handled properly. Fortunately, taking charge of your life doesn’t have to be difficult at all—as long as you learn a few hacks, you’ll know exactly how to manage your time and get everything done the way you like it.

    Rely on quick workouts


    If you’re trying to stay fit but things always get in the way of your workouts, try having shorter workouts—instead of exercising three times a week for an hour, stick to daily 20-minute routines that you can easily squeeze into your schedule. You don’t even have to go to the gym, either! Apps like Perigee’s Seven allow you to have a full-body HIIT workout with ease, and they let you track your progress and make it easier to stay consistent.  

    Give meditation a go


    Even if you think it’s a bunch of boring mumbo-jumbo, meditation can still be pretty useful. You don’t have to relate it to spirituality if you don’t want to—simply use it as a relaxation technique to help you get rid of stress and clear your mind. To get started, use guided meditation videos or apps like Headspace because they will tell you exactly what to do, which is pretty nice for beginners. Take care of your mental health because being emotionally and mentally resilient means being able to deal with anything life throws your way.  

    Invest in your child’s future


    If you’re a millennial parent, it might be a little difficult to juggle everything and still be there for your kid. To make it easier, try involving them in your daily life as much as possible—they can help you prepare dinner, go with you to the grocery store, and even help you choose your outfit for tomorrow morning. Also, bear in mind that you don’t have to do everything on your own. If they struggle at school, hire local teachers to tutor them or encourage them to organize study groups with other students. Kids can thrive as long as they have a good support system behind them, so try surrounding them with positive people.  

    Schedule social time

    social time

    You know how it is: you run into an old friend, you greet each other enthusiastically, and then promise you’ll call them as soon as you find some time. Of course, you never find the time because you forget about it completely under a pile of obligations in your life. To avoid broken promises, schedule a day each week to be your “social time” and meet either a friend or a family member you want to stay close to. Alternatively, you can also use that day to connect with new people and enjoy an evening of socializing.

    Use online learning platforms

    If you want to work on your own education or even get a diploma, online education services are your best bet. They can save you a significant chunk of time and make it easier to study from home, and they are a perfect solution for working millennials who love using technology on a daily basis. Sign up for a course you’re interested in, and work hard to earn that certificate.

    Cancel distractions

    Procrastination is the death of productivity. A task that should take an hour to finish can stretch to several hours if you keep checking your social media, getting up to make coffee, and generally making excuses to take completely random breaks. If you want to get things done and save time, cancel out distractions. Schedule exactly when you’re allowed to take breaks, and then sit down, go offline if you have to, and start working. Don’t do anything other than what’s right in front of you until your scheduled break and remember that being focused at this moment will enable you to finish things in a neat, orderly way, and then go off and do whatever you want to do.

    Get a planner


    Every busy person needs a planner. It can be of great help when it comes to managing your time because it allows you to get an overview of things that need to be done that week. Write everything you can in it—from social obligations and workout routines to work meetings and your child’s important school play. That way you won’t forget anything, but you’ll also have an easier time allocating your time to specific tasks that you know need to be finished.

    Be aware that your own time is something you can control. With the right organization, you can get everything done and still have plenty of time for yourself.


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