How To Easily Connect With People

    Our ability to empathise, communicate and share both our joys and sorrows with each other is what makes us human. In our daily lives, we come across a number of people with different tastes, thoughts, insights and priorities and happen to connect with them instantly seeking better understanding and clarity about life as a whole. Thus, effective communication today plays a very vital role these days in making connections and contacts with people.

    In today’s monotonous world, it is extremely difficult to build and maintain relationships.

    The online gaming platforms and social media is a must mention as it offers an exceptional live platform encouraging the people to connect and interact with people who surround them. One such website which we noticed lately is SpinzWin ( which asks users to connect with their fellow players to make the live gaming experience more interactive.

    Well, here are a few points to be remembered while to begin your conversation with anyone you meet.


    It is important that you pay close attention to people who are talking to you and also focus on the topic of the discussion. Listening to the speaker closely and observing his actions, will give you a clear picture as to what kind of a person he or she is.

    While in conversation, looking around the room or checking your mobile phone is considered rude as it suggests that you not interested to carry on the conversation with the speaker.

    It is also necessary that you make an eye contact while talking and ask questions on the topic of discussion as this will ensure the speaker that you are interested in the conversation.

    First impression

    Your body language plays a major role as it reflects what you are as a person. Your posture, expression and actions are the features that people first notice while you begin the conversation and so, it is necessary that you are conscious of your body language, tone, voice and gestures.

    Do remember that non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication and solely depends on your body language.

    Calling by name

    It can be difficult to remember a lot of names especially when you meet a number of people every day. But remembering the names of the people you meet and addressing them by their names will make them feel acknowledged and welcomed.

    Also, when you begin a conversation with someone whom you have just met, try mentioning their name several times during the conversation. For instance, “It was nice meeting you, Jack. Did you meet John?”

    The number of times you say their name, the easier it will be to remember it.

    For easy recapitulation, asking the hobbies and pastimes of the speaker will help you memorise their names or you could even try doing something funny like connecting the speaker’s name to any well-known character in movies or cartoons.

    A story to tell

    When you introduce yourself for the first time to anyone, it is important that you have an interesting story to tell about yourself as it helps the other to know your insights and perspective about things in general.

    If you an aspiring professor, then do share your views about why it is important to you and the experiences that kindled you to pursue this as your goal.


    Make yourself readily available to people and they are sure to appreciate you. Helping people in need is indeed one of the best ways to come closer to people and also understand them.

    It can be something very small like sharing a TED talk video or even giving information to someone about a job opportunity. Embrace generosity and you are sure to be successful in whatever you do.  


    If you find yourself nervous while in conversation, make sure that you do some groundwork about the topic of discussion in-depth. This will give you a lot of confidence and also make your conversation effective.


    Be open-minded. Consider the views and insights shared by others as this might help you to look at things from a different perspective altogether. Also, remember that nobody knows everything and we are all in a learning process.

    Be positive

    Always share positive and encouraging thoughts. Show your gratitude by saying ‘Thank you’ to people you have helped you grow as an individual.

    When you are optimistic, attentive, grateful and open to learning, you automatically build valuable relationships which are dependable and trustworthy.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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