The Wedding Trends To Know If You’re Getting Married In 2021

    If 2020 was the year we put everything on hold, then 2021 is the year we finally set everything in motion again. With the massive vaccine rollouts all around the world, things are slowly getting back to normal and it’s time for us to think of nicer things – namely, weddings. 

    The wedding season is starting and brides-to-be can immerse themselves in wedding preparations and get back to dreaming of their big day. Since it’s been a while since we’ve had the luxury to think of big celebrations, a lot of wedding trends have changed and new ideas have emerged to the surface. 

    If you’re eager to jump straight back into celebratory waters and make your wedding the most memorable one of the season, here are some trends that you might want to keep in mind. 

    Small, intimate weddings

    According to statistics, most couples are looking to downsize their guest list. The pandemic made it painfully obvious who are the really important people in our lives, and inspired us to connect deeply with our closest friends and family. 

    The fact that the danger is still not over is keeping people rightfully cautious of big events, so smaller, more intimate weddings are going to stay popular for a while. This can create a beautifully comfortable, fun atmosphere where the couple can be completely relaxed. 

    Opulent glamour

    Just because guest lists are getting shorter doesn’t mean couples will be forced to have boring, uninspiring weddings. Quite the opposite, in fact! Glamorous venues, opulent decorations, and stunning fashion is back, and brides all over the world want to feel like Hollywood divas for their big day. 

    In countries where the pandemic is completely under control such as Australia, luxurious Sydney wedding venues are overbooked almost everywhere. The US isn’t that far behind either – most of the popular expensive venues have already been booked well into 2022. While we still need to be careful and modify our guest list, it doesn’t mean our weddings can’t be as fashionable and luxurious as we want them to be.

    The importance of vows

    2020 has made it obvious what the important things in life really are: our loved ones. Since we were unable to see most of them in the past year, it’s become even more important to celebrate our love and our opportunities to gather everyone around and feel close again. 

    A lot of couples are inspired to write their own vows because they want to pour their hearts open and let their partners know just how much they mean to them before joining their hands in marriage. 

    Minimalist wedding dresses for elegant brides

    Brides-to-be are growing more environmentally conscious and a lot of us are questioning the sustainability of a ridiculously expensive dress that will be worn only once and then put away to gather dust for decades. Even if the dress gets passed on to our daughters like a lot of us hope, there’s a very small chance that they’ll want to wear that particular style. 

    Because of this, a lot of ladies are looking into more versatile cuts and styles of dresses that can be worn more than once. To make the garment even more useful, choose something simple that completely matches your individuality and that can easily be accessorized – after all, different accessories can completely change an outfit.

    Live-streaming your big day

    Travel limitations and social distancing can make it difficult to have everyone you want to attend your wedding. While virtual weddings are falling out of favor, a lot of couples still want to live-stream the event for the friends and family in distant towns that can’t make it to the celebration. 

    Sustainable venues and decorations 

    Similarly to wedding dresses, people are trying to be more mindful of the impact of their big celebrations. In addition to virtual invitations to replace printed ones, most venues are now decorated with fancy little upcycled decorations or natural elements. 

    Couples are also choosing venues that can serve both to host the ceremony and to hold the reception, and they’re organizing shuttles to transport their guests and reduce the carbon footprint of the event in the process. 

    Regency-era formal events

    You can blame Bridgerton for this! Pastel-hued invitations, empire-waist dresses, and modern pop songs covered in classical music styles – if you like the show and feel inspired, you can recreate the vibe of it for your special day. Choose a dress like Daphne’s and feel like a real duchess! 

    Two-part weddings

    If you want to get married soon but restrictions are getting in the way of you having a big wedding, worry not. A lot of couples have two-part weddings where they first celebrate with a small number of very close people, and then plan a big celebration for the future when the world is a calmer, safer place. 

    These trends give us plenty of options to create the perfect wedding that will celebrate our love. It’s time to start planning!


    • Scarlet is a passionate writer and regular contributor at interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

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