How to Effectively Let Things Go

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    Holding on to things that have traumatized you in the past, can only affect you more in the present

    We have to learn to let things go. For it will not only weigh us down, but it will also hold us back.

    Past events that have had a negative effect on our lives can carry over to other aspects that involve our lives now. The way we think, perceive, and the way we process.

    Whether it’s family, friends, or our love life. We subconsciously categorize, compare, and relate all past experiences with our existing relationships now.

    Confronting the matter and Finding closure can be the healthiest life-altering change you can possibly do.

    Taking control of your life and not letting disappointments from your past dictate the way you think and maneuver into your presence and future

    Holding on to things and constantly collecting and stuffing them into the back of u your closet is not good for your mental health. 

    The older we get the more and more it wants to resurface and eventually, we have to deal with it.

    Confront your feelings, find the source. Get your closure. You will feel relieved and at ease when you do follow through with this.

    For our well-being, We have to look at the picture as a whole, in order to forgive, release and let things go.


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