The Top 5 YouTubers to Watch in 2019

    How to Use YouTube for All Your Music Needs

    Forget Pewdiepie, get your eyes on these up-and-coming acts.

    As a Millennial, I’ve learned to love YouTube. It’s pretty much my generation’s television, since TV became too expensive for most of us to enjoy. Through this streaming service, I’ve discovered the wonders of such awesome creators like the Welcome to Nightvale crew, as well as the absolutely amazing genre known as lo-fi hip hop. Yes, YouTube is an amazing thing to behold.

    Unfortunately, the thing about having a service with so many awesome creators is that many of the better choices end up getting overshadowed by the more mainstream names that have made a living off YouTube. For every Good Mythical Morning, there’s at least a dozen awesome channels you should know about but don’t.

    Don’t believe it? Take a look at these epic up-and-coming YouTubers to watch in 2019.

    1. James Charles

     If you love extreme makeup tutorials, then you’ll love the jaw-dropping effects that James Charles makes on his hit YouTube series. Charles is known for giving incredible, magazine-worthy effects as part of his regular tapings. Fans of Michelle Phan will love seeing what he can do with a simple palette.

    That said, he’s probably the most mainstream out of my picks for top YouTubers to watch. He recently did a collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics—and that, alone, should be a sign of what clout he has.

    Here he is with Iggy Azalea:


    1. Dan Bell

    I’m not even going to lie; I’m hooked on Dan Bell’s channel. This comedian’s channel takes you across a ton of abandoned malls and near-abandoned shopping centers. Along with some pretty witty quips and occasional animated segues, Dan Bell offers a pretty interesting narrative of how dead malls came to be.

    This channel isn’t for everyone, but people who love unusual slices of 90s nostalgia and vaporwave-y aesthetics will love it. It’s great to binge, in my opinion.

    Here is his infamous mall video:

    1. Absolute History

    Were you ever tempted to talk about how much you wanted to live in the 19th century, or how you felt you were born “in the wrong generation?” You might want to watch some Absolute History before you keep bemoaning your fate.

    This YouTube channel offers up some pretty scandalous history along with a nice serving of snark. Whether it’s learning about horrible medieval jobs that you could have had, or ridiculous things attempted at sea, this is one channel that definitely will have you wondering where all this information was when you were in history class.

    Check out Ways the Victorians May Have Caused Their Own Deaths:


    1. Blameitonjorje

    Do you like creepy and inappropriate humor? Do you love deep cuts of pre-internet culture, public access TV, and esoterica? You’ll understand why I’m a fan of blameitonjorje. This channel isn’t so much comedy as it is shock fodder, spooky stories, and a good glimpse at the weird world that was before the internet.

    It’s addictive in its own right, if you’re in the mood for it.


    1. Stromedy

    I’ll be honest; I’m not normally the type of person to fall in love with regular YouTuber content. However, Stromedy’s become a major exception to the rule. Along with being totally handsome, Stromedy comes up with hilarious pranks, interesting things to try out, and downright batshit insane situations.  He is known for his creepy challenges that will keep you guessing.

    Stromedy is kind of what reality would be, if it was turned on its ear and given acid. He’s a trip, and it’s damn near impossible to know what he’ll do next. I mean, the dude legit called Selena Gomez on Facetime. He’s a legend in the making. If you haven’t already, check his work out. You’ll be glad you did.  

    Check out his 3AM Paper Challenge Gone Wrong:

    Subscribe to Stromedy’s channel here and join his over 600k followers for some dope content.


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