Understanding The Conditions In Which Your Health Insurance Won’t Pay

    Having a health insurance plan indeed comes handy when you want coverage for a hefty medical bill. Health emergencies don’t tend to come with a prior notification which is why it becomes imperative to keep yourself prepared for such critical situations. You can use iSelect Health insurance comparison tool while struggling with the choice of a perfect insurance plan as this company provides you with a detailed assessment of various insurance plans. However, what becomes even more crucial is to be mindful about the conditions in which your insurance company will step back when it comes to paying your medical bills.

    • Failing at preauthorization

    You might have to contact your insurance provider for preauthorization in some instances like CT scan or MRI if you don’t want to end up with an unpaid medical bill. Not being mindful about this can render you in a situation where your medical practitioner will turn away and your claim will be simply rejected. If you’re planning to go for any medical procedure that you aren’t sure about being covered by your insurance plan, it’s best to be proactive about preauthorization before you continue with your medical practitioner.

    • Non-covered charges

    It is vital to have a thorough review of the terms and conditions of the insurance provider before you head to pick a plan from them. Such non-covered situations might include various dental surgeries and infertility treatments that you need to discuss with the company before signing up for health insurance. You can either go for another insurance plan or review your policy so as to prevent yourself from getting into any financial trouble.

    • Failing drug test

    Many insurance companies have the policy of a mandatory drug test before they proceed with any claim. You need to be mindful of any substance use before you reach your insurance company regarding any medical coverage. Insurance providers generally avoid covering cases that include the person being under the influence of any drug while going through a medical procedure. Your insurance claim will most likely be rejected or you would have to pay a considerably high amount in the name of premium cost.

    • Using an out-of-network procedure provider

    You need to make sure the flexibility of your health insurance policy that defines the fixed board of doctors who are considered valid. A lot of times it is seen that insurance policies don’t cover the medical charges from a doctor who is not onboard with the company. You can choose from one among the procedure providers of the company only after analyzing their worth thoroughly. However, if you wish to be treated by a doctor of your selection, you might need to figure out a different policy or a different company altogether.

    • Because of coordination benefits

    One needs to be extremely careful while claiming against health insurance as there might exist coordination of benefits in the policies bought. This means that insurance policies are interrelated. While one policy might be serving the primary claim, there are secondary and tertiary branches to this. A confusion while going with either of claim among these might end up charging you a healthy sum of money.


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