The Do’s and Don’ts of Grooming Your Dog at Home

    Dogs are rated as the best pet for every family. They are loyal, friendly, and playful for kids. Taking care of them also relieves stress from a long day at work.

    Taking care of them is essential as it affects their wellness. We might think that giving your pets food and shelter is enough. However, grooming them is vital to their health. It could keep their skin shiny and soft. You’ll also protect them from bacteria or insects.

    Grooming them doesn’t only mean bathing them. You also need to clip your dog’s nails. If you have a big dog, you might want to use Millers Forge large nail clippers, as it is considered one of the best.

    Some people decide to groom their pets at home because of various reasons. One of the most common ones is the cost. Others don’t like to travel, while some have sensitive pets that don’t want unfamiliar people.

    Whatever the reason is, we need to keep them clean and healthy. So, this article will cover the dos and don’ts of grooming your pet at home.


    Do Brush Your Dog Often

    Brushing your dog often can help maintain its skin and coat. No matter how long our dog’s hair is, brushing it can significantly improve your dog’s appearance.

    It can remove tangles and prevent matting. It also prevents any skin irritation, making your dog healthy.

    However, be mindful about the pressure you are giving while brushing, as it could hurt your dog’s skin. If you want to remove the dead hairs, it’s best to use shedding blades.

    It would help if you also brushed in the direction of the hair growth to avoid pressure and encourage hair growth. That’ll help your dog’s hair maintain its length and beauty.


    Don’t Bathe Your Dog Too Frequently

    Dogs love playing. They tend to run around the house, and if it’s their time to exercise, they’d surely enjoy playing. However, we can’t prevent our dogs from having dirt skins. Over time, our dogs will begin to smell, and we’ll see the color of their hair is already dirty.

    Regular cleaning is essential, but we should never clean them too frequently as it could dry their skin. The water, shampoo, and soap can strip down the natural oil from our dog’s hair and skin. This will result in dry and unpleasant-looking skin conditions.

    Sometimes, dogs can be uncooperative when given a bath. Using some items can make bath time more fun for your dogs and make them more willing to take a bath.


    Do Help Your Pet Become Comfortable Around Grooming Kits

    As mentioned above, dogs can be uncooperative. They are also smart that they’ll try to run away when they see you bring out their grooming kit. Instead of forcing your way through, it’s much better to introduce the tools gradually.

    One thing you should avoid is showing them all the tools at once. It’s much more effective to make them get used to one tool before introducing another. Once they become comfortable over brushes, you can introduce nail clippers or toothbrushes.

    Don’t forget to give them their favorite treats after finishing a part of your grooming session.


    Don’t Use Human Cleansers on Your Pets

    Sometimes, we forget to restock our dog’s shampoo or soap. When this happens, never resort to using products intended for humans. You might be tempted to use them as an alternative, but this will do more harm than good.

    Your shampoo could smell amazing, but that doesn’t mean your dog is safe. Keep in mind that our toiletries contain chemicals harmful to our dogs. Some ingredients could be too strong for them and cause irritation or other skin conditions.

    If you don’t have dog shampoo, it’s best to reschedule your dog’s bathing time. You don’t want to risk it, as it could harm your lovely pet.


    Do Know Your Limits

    We understand that we want the best for our dogs. However, there are some instances when we are overdoing it or are unsure whether we are doing it correctly.

    Dogs are sensitive creatures. One mistake could be fatal for them, or they will be traumatized and never cooperate again. If you are unconfident with a grooming task, it’s best to study it further or let the professionals handle it.

    You can also ask a friend to help you with complicated tasks, such as trimming the nails, cutting the hair, and brushing your dog’s teeth for better oral hygiene.

    Our dog’s wellness is crucial for them to have a longer lifespan. We can contribute to it by grooming our dogs regularly.

    Taking care of their appearance gives many advantages as it also cleans their bodies and removes the dirt that could start skin infection.

    Follow the tips above, and it’ll make sure your dog stays healthy!

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