How to manage community management during holiday periods

    The swirling pace of the web nowadays seems to require that a company’s social pages remain up-to-date at all times of the year, even during festive or holiday periods, as if the audience expects at least one piece of content per day to view, comment on or share with their acquaintances. For companies, this means implementing a work plan that includes a kind of rostering of their employees, so as to ensure that their pages on Instagram or Facebook are not without content for even one day a year.


    The importance of publishing content during holiday periods should not be underestimated: your audience, while slowly scrolling through their favourite social media feed during their holiday period, will be in a completely different state of mind than when they are in town, in the middle of a work shift, or even early in the morning while lazily glancing at their mobile phone on their way to work on the train or underground. The difference between these two states of mind is obvious, and allows brands to plan ad-hoc content for the times of the year when their regular audience is away from the office, perhaps on holiday or lying comfortably on the beach in the summer sun.


    Content planning 


    The possibility of scheduling content, in a way, saves companies a lot of hassle with regard to the content to be published on a daily basis. It also allows employees to create the editorial plan well in advance and to post the different posts only once, perhaps even a week or two before the period of absence from the office. The problem is not so much related to content creation, but to community management and user reaction management.


    In fact, users do not only expect to find fresh and updated content on their wall, but also want to interact with the brand in real time, at any time, even while they are relaxing on a beach holiday or at high altitude. It will therefore be necessary to identify a figure (the Community Manager) who will take on the arduous task of responding to comments and requests that may arrive via private messages on social media like Twitter, which in some cases may contain urgent requests for assistance regarding certain services or products.


    The importance of tone of voice 


    The employee in question, in addition to possessing all the specific notions for such a task, will also have to demonstrate a certain sensitivity in the use of language, in the choice of words, in the use of the tone of voice most suitable for an extremely special time of year when people, for the most part, spend their days immersed in relaxation and entertainment. For this reason, the tone of the messages should be gentle, relaxing and soothing, completely free of those edginess of language that in some cases leave an extremely negative impression on the reader.


    The use of emoticons is strongly recommended, although obviously they should not be used excessively: one or two every couple of messages will be fine, also because in this way the conversation will seem much more cheerful and familiar. The essential thing in these cases is to impress a person positively, leaving them with a pleasant feeling that will continue even when the conversation is over.


    Every time a potential customer comes into contact with the brand, online or offline, he or she must experience that special feeling of fulfilment that will subsequently prompt him or her to return to the company’s channels, to make some purchase, or even to seek further assistance with the functioning of a product. These feelings can only be awakened if the brand is able to offer pleasant and personalised experiences to each user, at any time and in any medium, through any offline and online channel at its disposal. The physiological sensations linked to satisfaction, to pleasantness, are in fact the natural antechamber for any subsequent action, such as a purchase or a click on a ‘like’.


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    From the interaction between a brand and its buyer, unique synergies can arise that will allow customers, in certain cases, to develop an unwavering loyalty to the company, capable of withstanding even the most arduous tests.

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