The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Eyewear

    If you wear glasses all the time, except when you are sleeping, taking care of them is crucial. Other than buying quality material frames, ones that are light and durable, maintaining them requires you to know the tips and tricks on how to clean them efficiently. Ones who wear glasses all the time to correct their vision or to look better, cleaning them with a clean cloth is just not enough.

    Even when you keep them on tables, they accumulate dirt and grim. Your sunglasses, trendy glasses, contact lenses, and regular eyewear require different kinds of maintenance and care. And to help you out, here are some of the top things you could do to maintain your glasses and other pairs of trendy eyewear without letting scratches and marks get to them.

    Best Ways To Keep Your Glasses Looking Good As New

    If your glasses end up with dust and fingerprints right after you have cleaned them up, chances are you are not doing it properly. Using tissues and rough clothes to wipe off your glasses would cause bigger harm. It is crucial for everyone to know what the do’s and don’ts are when it comes to keeping your eyewear clean and safe.

    • Wash Your Hands Before Wiping Them: This might sound way too obvious, but a lot of people forget about this firsthand. Washing your hand before wiping your glass helps in removing the dirt and grime from your hands so that they do not leave a mark on the glasses.


    • Remove Dust From Your Glasses First: After you have washed your hands so that no grubby marks are left on your glasses, it is time to clean your glasses with a soft, dry cloth to remove the specs of dirt. Dust could often end up creating micro-abrasions on your glass. After cleaning your lenses with a soft cloth, you would be ready to rinse them with water.


    • Use Mild Soap And Warm Water: Do not go for any complicated processes; just use warm water and mild soap, which could be your dish soap too, and put a drop on each side of both the lenses. Gently rub it, and clean it under slow-running tap water. Gently rub off the soap for a minute or two. Make sure you dry your glasses with a soft cloth and do not opt for tissues or any coarse cloth.


    • Clean The Lenses, Temple, and Nose Pads Using A Microfiber Cloth: The best possible way when it comes to cleaning the glasses would be using a microfiber cloth. Using fabric that is too rough or coarse, you might end up with scratches on your lenses.

    Should You Go For Mild Soap Or Eyeglass Cleaner?

    If you get an eye care solution and lens cleaner with your glasses, it would be the most effective solution in cleaning your glasses; however, as an alternative, mild dish wash soap is a good choice too. Remember, any soap you use should be a lotion-free soap.

    What Should You Avoid While Cleaning Your Lenses?

    There are a few materials or things you should steer clear of when cleaning your stylish glasses. They would be paper towels, clothing, any rough fabric, acetone-containing products, and tissues. Using anything except microfiber cloth is not a good idea as it could cause micro-abrasions on the lenses.

    How To Keep Your Sunglasses Clean?

    Now that you know about the tips on taking care of your everyday glasses, it is time to focus on your favorite pair of sunglasses. The process is almost similar to how you would clean the glasses. Rinse them off with water first, use warm water and mild lotion-free soap, use lukewarm water and microfiber cloth to clean your glasses, and slowly pat them dry. You will now be ready to flaunt your favorite shades in this scorching sun.

    Wrapping up, cleaning glasses is not such a time-consuming or difficult task if you know the steps you should follow for cleaning them and what might cause more damage. Most eyewear manufacturers provide microfiber cloths along with your cases, so you do not have to worry about buying them separately. Remember, thin frames will require a much lighter touch while cleaning when compared to thick-framed ones.

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