What to Do if Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy is Failing

    In 2022, every business, regardless of size, needs to maintain an active presence on social media. Even if no one within your enterprise has any experience with social media marketing, regarding the web’s most popular social platforms as unnecessary simply isn’t an option. However, while social media can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, this doesn’t mean that every brand is going to experience equal measures of success. So, if you’ve yet to fully embrace social media or your current social media strategy has failed to produce the desired results, consider implementing the following measures.

    Regularly Update Your Various Accounts 

    Simply creating accounts for your business on the web’s most popular social platforms isn’t enough to get noticed. You’ll also need to update each of those accounts on a regular basis. Although the ideal number of updates varies from platform to platform, you should set out to update each platform daily. Fortunately, since posts can easily be reused, you needn’t necessarily worry about creating platform-specific updates on a daily basis.

    You should also determine the best times of day to post updates. (Keep in mind that this, too, may vary from platform to platform.) In order to ensure the largest possible audience for any given update, you’ll need to post it at a time when a significant percentage of your target audience is likely to be online. Determining the more opportune times to post updates on assorted social platforms will take a bit of trial and error, but after a few weeks of experimentation, the answers should become clearer.


    Create Posts That Encourage Audience Engagement 

    Creating posts that encourage audience engagement can be a great way to build brand awareness and make your followers feel connected to your business. For example, posts that encourage followers to share their opinions can generate valuable feedback and help your customers feel valued – and the more valued they feel, the more likely they are to provide you with their continued patronage. Since social media platforms often serve as vehicles for ongoing dialogues, you’d do well to use this to your business’s fullest advantage.

    Consistently Interact with Followers 

    Social media outlets provide countless consumers with a direct line to their favorite brands and businesses. As such, it’s only natural that patrons would present you with questions and concerns through your business’s social media accounts. Rather than regard comments received via social media as an afterthought, you’d do well to respond to them in a timely and personable manner. The nicer and more approachable you are to your followers, the more apt they’ll be to reward you with their business. Conversely, exhibiting rudeness towards people who reach out to you via social media may earn you a reputation for being indifferent to customer concerns and completely unapproachable.

    Hire a Dedicated Social Media Manager 

    If neither you nor any of your employees have the time or experience to effectively manage your various social media accounts, consider hiring a dedicated social media manager. This individual will be responsible for creating engaging posts, interacting with followers and managing every other aspect of your social media endeavors – as well as keeping you fully abreast of all successes and shortcomings on this front.

    Utilize SMS Marketing 

    If social media simply isn’t the right promotional tool for your business, you should consider utilizing SMS marketing. An effective SMS sales funnel, for example, can provide you with a convenient vehicle through which to keep your audience informed and engaged. Furthermore, many consumers find SMS communications to be more personal than social media interactions, as this method of engagement makes them feel as if they’re the only people businesses are trying to reach.

    Even if you’re not particularly fond of social media, it can’t be denied that it’s become an important marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. As such, regardless of your personal feelings about social media as a whole, it is imperative that your business maintain an active presence on popular social platforms. The right approach to marketing your brand on social media can make scores of prospective patrons aware of your enterprise and keep existing fans in the know. So, if you’ve largely regarded social media as an afterthought up until now, it’s time to rectify this mistake.

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