The Biggest Game in The World: Fortnite

    Fortnite is a battle-royale shooting game, developed by People Can Fly, and Epic Games. Released in 2017, after the success of PUBG, it would soon find itself one of the many titles released in the “battle royale” fever that struck the gaming industry. Except it would become the biggest battle-royale, and, arguably, the biggest game in the world.

    The free-to-play title from Epic Games completely reshaped what games as a service meant. Fortnite developers would provide such astounding amounts of support, updates, skins, items, and battle-pass content that it stood tall against its competitors. This might be the first reason why the game found such immense success, by being constantly renewed it feels fresh, and unique from month to month.

    The second reason the game has reached such massive popularity is that it marketed itself as a kid-friendly title. Yes, it is a shooter, but the game’s cartoonish looks and non-violent, non-bloody, non-graphic approach to animations and gameplay made parents approve of the activity, easier than having their kids play titles like PUBG and Warzone.

    Thirdly the free-to-play and low PC requirement components of Epic Games’ title would guarantee that almost anyone with a working computer and internet connection could partake in the worldwide sensation. This of course meant that their target market was wider than most competitors. They dropped the age, violence, maturity, complexity, price, and requirements entry barriers to a very low point. The vision to create an accessible title in a popular genre, and deliver impeccable service would be Epic Games’ biggest business strategy, and it certainly paid off.

    Right Place, Right Time

    Epic Games, became one of the biggest gaming stores, and companies in the world by taking bold, yet wise business decisions. They knew exactly where opportunity resided and time after time capitalized on it. But, there’s a bit of luck involved with their astronomical rise to stardom,  the world’s biggest streamer at the time was a major ambassador and marketeer for Fortnite. Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, was shattering record after record on the platform, his unparalleled dominance and success on Twitch’s platform would bring the world’s attention to the world. In a specific moment in history, he partnered with Canadian rapper Drake to stream to over 600 thousand viewers, shattering the record for most viewers in a stream ever.

    Again, the developer of the game was very smart to understand what was happening, and once more it capitalized on it by developing countless marketing strategies involving Ninja, and other popular streamers. They would create ads, skins, weapons and hundreds of ways to generate revenue, but that was just the beginning. Their audience, popularity and fandom were so large, and their online presence so big that it wasn’t long until almost every major entertainment company would partner with Fortnite, to create exclusive content.

    Players could convert their real money into V-Bucks, which is the currency used in-game to purchase countless items and the game’s battle pass, which contains around a hundred unique rewards. The most notable cross-overs or collaborations are with the following companies: Marvel, DC, Sony Entertainment, NFL, Rocket League, Netflix, Star Wars, and many others. This roster would provide players the ability to see play as their favorite heroes, or characters in-game.

    Showing no signs of stopping and amidst tremendous success, Fortnite also started cooperating with artists like Marshmello, and most notably Travis Scott. They would create a new approach by creating live events that could be experienced by players around the world simultaneously while providing unique content, exclusive rewards, and one-of-a-kind gameplay. Each event was unique and usually marked the end of a season or introduction of new mechanics and updates. The Travis Scott, Astronomical Event, was a live concert hosted by a virtual version of the artist, that gave Epic Games the record for most concurrent online players at a time with a whopping 12.3 million players logging in to see the event, plus a single debut from Travis Scott.

    More Than a Game

    The video game industry is already the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and nowadays being a professional player or streamer has become a legitimate job and career path for many people, especially young kids. As is common with the majority of online games that find huge success Fortnite created its own esports championship. The first tournament promoted by Epic Games saw the second biggest prize pool in gaming history with $30 million dollars on the line, the event was only behind Valve’s DOTA 2 tournament, The International, still, for a recent title, this was groundbreaking.

    Fortnite shows no sign of slowing down with its developer pledging a $20 million dollar prize from its own pocket. Since the 2020 event was canceled due to the pandemic, players eagerly await the opportunity to join the next event and take a shot at the record-breaking prize. The last time we saw the championship take place, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, won a $3 million dollar prize, but since then the biggest esports organization in the world joined the fray and started recruiting some of the best players in the world for the new season. The champion himself joined team Sentinels, but other teams like Team Liquid, Team Secret, Luminosity Gaming, are already creating a blooming competitive scenario.

    Time To Play

    An ever-changing scenario, evolving game, growing community and very few entry barriers to Fortnite there aren’t any reasons to not give the game a chance. If you would like to jump right in and get a head start on your collectibles collection, without the need of putting countless hours into grinding V-Bucks, here we offer some of the best accounts at the best prices in the marketplace. We have a big range of options including accounts that might contain OG skins, which won’t be accessible to new players to obtain, if you would like to know more, feel free to take a look at our offerings right here.


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