Cloud Certification for IT Specialists

    Man holding mobile phone with cloud capabilities

    Information technology moves rapidly, and for those already working within the industry, the best way to move forwards is to move with it.

    On its face, this appears to be a simple concept, yet it seems paradoxical that people who work with complexity so often miss the simplicity.

    With quantum leaps being made by businesses into cloud-based operations, emerging certifications and specialist role training courses and in increasing demand.

    Emerging technology requires skilled specialists

    As the IT sector evolves and grows, the skillset required for a person to achieve success in it also grows. Adding a specialist qualification in the field of cloud computing, data analytics, or cybersecurity is a pathway to further success given the rapid evolution of the sector.

    ACG provides a comprehensive range of specialist courses, providing a clear cloud certification path for IT specialists to develop their skillset further.

    The global pandemic and cloud technology

    Faced with a health crisis that forced people in all walks of life to change the way in which they went about their daily lives, businesses were similarly forced to change the way they operated to ensure they remained commercially viable.

    One of the key elements which came out of this quantum change was the migration of many traditional ‘face to face’ processes – sales, management, and human resource management – to cloud-based technology. 

    Similarly, the medical and healthcare industries made major shifts to online consultation and diagnosis. Software platforms that permitted stable, reliable multi-user conferencing permitted emergency diagnosis and triage functions to take place, with the ability for remote collaboration between specialists.

    Changes to the way organizations do business as a result of the global pandemic present another layer that has further driven growth in the cloud computing sector.

    The canny IT specialist is well advised to keep across these dynamics, as it becomes highly likely that as the world moves out of the current health crisis, the manner in which many enterprises continue to operate will likely be a ‘new normal’ with many of the cloud-based processes being adopted as standard procedure. Perhaps this is the most positive thing to come out of such a distressing time.

    Vendor-specific cloud certifications

    A vendor-specific cloud certification will focus on one specific cloud platform – either Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Presently, AWS owns and operates almost half of the global cloud market

    Whilst most courses will provide fundamental training relevant to all platforms, they will, of course, provide training specific to the platform in question. The choice will be dependent upon the IT specialists operating platform.


    CEOs and upper management across a broad range of industry sectors are recognizing the importance of cloud technology as a means of driving and optimizing business. The global pandemic, which has forced changes in how business entities go about the daily operation, has only served to highlight this and has transformed the way in which many companies do business. It would benefit the working IT specialist to be aware of this dynamic and consider augmenting their skillsets with a relevant cloud certification.


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