The Best Way to Choose Your Beach Towel

    Soaking in the summer sun, sitting at one of the shores of your likings is a mandatory part for those to whom summer comes with fresh plans of enjoyment. After absorbing enough of vitamin D, you can always try a plunge into the sea and this is when a beach towel becomes an essential to mop dry your body or wrap it around. The best beach towel should have maximum absorbency, softness and stylish appearance. Much different from a bath towel, beach towel are a part of your style statement as well. You can also spread one on the beach chair and lay around for hours. You can order cheap beach towels from online stores as well that are pocket friendly yet high quality. There some factors that make beach towel perfect as a choice and some of them are as follows


    Though it is never recommended to judge anything by its look but, when it comes to a beach towel election process, one of the prime contributories become the appearance of it. Since, you will be carrying it to a public place open to all, it is necessary that the towel matches with your personality and stature for this towel would be the primary attire for your when sitting at the beach. You can choose the ones with floral prints or cartoon prints whereas bright colors are a characteristic of beach towels. 


    The next concern should be the size of it. Always remember that you have to wrap it around you comfortably which would require your towel to be of a dimension of at least 30 inches by 70 inches and sometimes even more for the larger ones. The extra large size aids in making more space when the towels are spread on the sand or on the beach chairs. 


    Beach towels are meant to keep your body away from the direct touch of sand. They do not get exposed to as much water as the bath towels do. Hence the thickness varies between both the varieties. The beach towels are thinner that the bath towels. Owing to the same reason, they get dried easily in the sun and make no problem when you carry them back home. 


    The best would be to opt for bright sunny colors. The mood of the beach matches with the vibrant colors and the brightness of sun gets complemented through those dazzling tones. Hence, while shopping for beach towels, make sure that you opt for shades like yellow. Orange, red, pink or may be a combination of few such. 

    The fabric

    When it is a fabric that will have a direct contact with your skin, it is always cotton that is suggested. High quality cotton spun towels are known to be the best varieties available in the market for beach towels. No matter how long you choose to lie on the towel, if it is pure cotton, you will never feel any irritation or discomfort.

    Enjoy the bright summers and laze around in the sun with a comfortable and bright looking beach towel for uninterrupted fun.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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