What’s New With the Clover 2 Point of Sale

    In tune with its reputation for staying on the forefront of technological innovation, Clover’s 2.0 updated version offers a plethora of exciting new features. Users can take advantage of both software and hardware upgrades. From the contemporary, sleek design to increased speeds and updated app selections, the new system makes it easier to do business the way you need to.


    To increase security, today’s banks and credit card companies overwhelmingly issue cards with EMV. Older systems often cannot read the chips; as a result, many merchants must resort to purchasing additional hardware and figuring out compatibility with their existing POS. The Clover 2.0 hardware is designed to accept chip cards, maintaining the higher level of security that is the purpose of using EMV in the first place. The new hardware can handle all types of payments, including EMV, standard cards and contactless. The system is designed to meet 5.0 PCI compliance standards.

    Another security addition is the fingerprint scanner, which allows employees to log in quickly and easily. The system can store up to 20 profiles. 


    New upgrades make the new Clover easier to use than ever. The screen is larger than on previous modes, featuring a 14-inch display, which swivels easily as needed. There are now two printer options, including one with an optional customer-facing display. This display accepts electronic signatures as well as contactless forms of payment such as Apple Pay. Updated tech also means payment processing happens even faster. 


    The Clover 2.0 is compatible with a variety of peripherals such as barcode scanners and scales. It also has several connectivity options, including four USB ports as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet capacity. There are also two cash drawer ports.

    Clover POS is already known for its payment processing speed, wide customization options and flexibility. The Clover 2.0 offers further improvements in this realm with added speed, security and convenience. Its new features keep the system current with relevant tech developments in credit card security. Restaurant owners will also benefit from the expanded range of apps available to make every aspect of their business run smoother, from customer engagement to inventory tracking.

    The new Clover is an attractive option for business owners in many types of industries. Taking stock of available POS options and credit card processing services can help you determine the best approach to streamlining many aspect of your business.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

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