The Best Hand-Picked Luxury Spa Robes

    Plush Necessities welcome you to step into our high-quality spa robes wherever you are, whether relaxing at home or unwinding at a resort. These dual Luxe Robes have a smooth and lightweight outer shell and an inner lining which is made of cotton fabric. It is very absorbent. If you are looking for comfort and warmth then this is exactly what you need. The breathable fabric is vital when you want to dry quickly after being wet in the shower or sauna.

    These are the kind of robes that will make you feel like a royal. You do not have to worry about the price tag because of our pocket-friendly prices. Robes are available from small size to extra large so we have catered for all body types. Our comfortable robes are unisex so both men and women can find their perfect fit.

    We understand that people have different various tastes in types of robes and that is why we have a variety of colors stocked at Plush Necessities. These are Plush Dream hooded, the Luxe robe, pure bliss Terry robe, and Plush signature robe.

    Exotic Spa Robes Designed For You

    Our personal products are specifically tailored to provide the needed comfort and relaxation you need. A resort or a spa is a place of tranquility and therefore it only makes sense if we ensure you feel pampered. The robes are custom made with the best fabric and workmanship. The fabric is softer than those you will find at five-star hotels and spas.

    Choosing Your Robe

    Bathrobes are one of those few products which are both a necessity and at the same time a luxury. Undeniably, the type of fabric is the number one factor you will look at when looking for a comfortable robe. The common types in the market are terry cloth and waffle as these are the best ones recommended by experts. Cotton has a very fast absorbing rate making them an ideal companion when going for a spa day. The various forms of cotton are low, medium and high-grade.

    Our robes for women are made of high-grade cotton which is very soft on the skin. If you also particular about the style of robe, we have got you covered. There is a stylish shawl collar robe for men that close at the neck for that maximum warmth and coziness feeling. We also a kimono type robe for those who want a more classic look that has a streamlined flat collar and wrist-length sleeves.

    An all-weather accessory

    Our robes are a perfect compliment for any kind of weather; chilly mornings or warm afternoons. Pamper yourself in our microfiber bathrobe that is amazingly cozy you will not want to take it off. They do not cling to the skin as most low-quality robes do.

    Even though personal preference is a factor to consider when choosing a robe, the quality is of utmost importance if you want a robe with a long shelf-life. Some robes will wear and tear in the wash so ensure you purchase our delicate superfine microfiber robes that last long.

    Men’s Waffle Robe

    This waffle robe is made of a careful blend of two high-quality fabrics which are cotton and polyester. The two pockets at the front allow for extra comfort and convenience. We have various color combinations such as navy white, Charcoal and heather white and black and white.

    Aftercare services you perform at home will also ensure your robes stay at their very best. Robes with shawl lapels are an ideal choice for those who want to add a touch of style and elegance. Everyone can find something to choose from the range of sizes available in our store. If you are the kind of person who likes long robes you will choose our 52” robes. These provide plenty of coverage during chilly weather.

    The men’s’ waffle robe is made up of a blend of cotton and polyester which provides the needed comfort you need when you need to be dry after a shower or a swim.

    Our Promise

    We are so confident you will like the absorbent robes that we back our products with an unconditional 60-day free-return guarantee. The pure bliss terry robe is a woman’s choice that is softer than traditional cotton. We want to make you feel like a royal.

    Robe with shawl lapels and two large pockets at the front makes it easy for you to drop in any small item you might be holding or simply dip in your hands. Make sure you follow strict directions when washing so that the fabric retains its high quality. We ensure our robes provide you with total comfort even when you are chilling at your home.

    There are those lazy days you just want to spend some time alone in the house or at a resort. The Plush robe is a perfect fit for such days. It has a beautiful appearance featuring a shawl color and two pockets found at the front. The hanger loop makes it easy to store it wherever you are.

    One of our favorite choices is the Peruvian cotton robe which made from 100% knit Peruvian cotton. The breathable fabric soft and strong, making it very durable. A wide range of colors caters for different tastes. We have black grey, ink, and white.

    The 4 Types of Adult Robes

    Plush Necessities offers 4 different types of adult robes. Each of these possesses different characteristic but all of them are made of good fabric. If you are planning to purchase a robe for a loved one or just want to pamper yourself, we have provided a guide for you.

    1. Plush Signature Robe: this is designed to be a lounge robe and is perfect for fall and winter. Made of soft fabric, this robe is the lightest robe we have in our collection. It insulates well thanks to the fine microfiber fleece. A word of caution though. Do not use it straight out of the shower because it does not absorb water like the other collections we have. However, it has very soft and warm properties.
    2. The Luxe Robe: also referred to as the Robe Spa is our top choice and is the one found in 5-star and resorts. This dual layer robe is our sleekest choice and is of medium weight therefore not bulky to wear as you move around. The silky touch brushed with a microfiber gives you a great sleek look. The inside lining has a perfect of cotton and polyester terry to easily beat up moisture.
    3. Pure Bliss Terry Robe:  you can use this straight out of the shower as it is super absorbent. Its fabric is made with a new fabric weaved from bamboo and cotton. If you yearn for that soft touch to a bathrobe then this is what you are looking for. You can dry yourself with this robe without necessarily needing a towel. As the heaviest robe in our collection, it is extremely absorbent. Both sides of the fabric have densely packed terry loops.
    4. Plush Dream Hooded Robe: this double-sided robe is 100% cotton and can also be used as a wrapper straight out of the shower. This hooded robe ensures even your hair stays dry after a shower thus providing just the right warmth.

    Order a Robe as a Holiday Gift

    We all want to give a loved one a meaningful and delightful gift during the holidays. As a month of celebrating, December is a time when wishes come true. It also comes with a lot of stress. You have to plan well to avoid spending too much. You also need to prepare various meals for your loved ones as well as know which perfect gift will suit your loved ones. You might feel overwhelmed and wonder what would be that perfect gift.

    We are here to give you an idea. Bathrobes are a delightful gift you can ever think of. Whether the person you have in mind is a kid or an adult, girlfriend or aunt, we have a selection of various bathrobes to suit different personality types. There is no need to always stick to buying a scarf or hand gloves as a gift every year for your loved ones. Try something new such as our soft bathrobe. The good news is that you can order online hustle-free and find time to actually your holiday.

    Our robes provide a little more comfort during fall and winter for a new mom, a college student or a housewife who needs an extra pampering after a hard day’s work. Choose our Plush robe which is light in weight, super absorbent and luxuriously warm.

    Dual Purpose Robes

    If you have high-energy friends who are multi-taskers, you can gift such ones one of our dual-purpose bathrobes or spa robes. The exterior is made up of smooth and soft outer layer made of brushed microfiber twill fabric. The inner lining contains cotton terry that is fully absorbent after a vigorous workout or steamy bath. These extra layers do not add weight to the robe; it still weighs 3 pounds and light to wear.

    Another perfect gift idea is our super absorbent terry robe. This robe is for those who appreciate practicality when it comes to choosing robes. You can step in the shower and once out wrap up yourself in Terry Robe without needing a towel to dry yourself. We have varieties of this robe which are made of bamboo fibers ensuring they are not only soft but also eco-friendly. They also have antibacterial properties so you are assured that no bacteria will creep in case the robe is not dried right away.

    A perfect Wedding Gift

    A pair of his and hers spa robe is undoubtedly the best gift you could ever gift a couple at their wedding. A bride and groom starting out on their journey of married life will truly appreciate matching his and hers spa robes from our collection. Our soft and super absorbent spa robes offer so many possibilities for a newlywed couple. They can take them along on their honeymoon at body massage parlous, laze around at afternoon pools or warp themselves after a luxurious bubble bath.

    Even after the honeymoon, the couple will still continue to use these robes as a favorite part of their activities. Since our robes are light in weight and very absorbent, a couple can wear them as they prepare to get ready for the day. Alternatively, the robes can be a perfect fit for a couple who want to retire to bed. They provide the necessary comfort without being too hot. Their original shape and comfort will stay intact even after years of wash and wear.

    Customer Service

    Our robes are made of high-quality fabrics and great workmanship is employed. This is because we want to ensure that you get value for money. Thousands of our loyal customers have pampered themselves with our sot robes. If you are not satisfied with our products we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Services include:

    • Premium fabrics and stitching
    • Free 2 day shipping
    • Size 7 to 8 available
    • Available in a variety of colors

    We don’t believe in the notion that ‘one size fits all’. That is why our adult robes are available from size 7 to 8. Kids from 18 months to 7 years can choose from our size 6 robes. Each of our sizes is tailored to fit and flow. We have a solution for you if you do not know how to pick your size. Our Size Adviser tool ensures you find the perfect fit for you. It is a tool that is based on real customer data from a survey we conducted.

    If you order and realize it does not fit well, you are free to return it within 60 days. We will send you the right size plus free shipping. Our hassle- free process of ordering online is fast and easy.


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