Top SEO practices that can help you earn millions in no time

    If you are here, you probably want to double your traffic.

    Improving your brand awareness amongst your prospects requires the understanding of SEO to map out marketing campaigns according to goals.

    Content has no limits, and thousands of people look for original content like yours. Therefore, you need to improve the visibility of your content on search engines so that your prospects can easily find and read it.

    Here comes the role of an SEO executive. SEO executives are aware of the latest SEO techniques and implement them keeping in mind Google’s algorithms of SEO.

    As per HubSpot study, a search query triggers about 80% of a website’s traffic; therefore, search engine optimization is important.

    SEO is vast and you need to do a lot of research and experiments to stay on top of it. Moreover, Google keeps on updating SEO algorithms; therefore, it is recommended to walk through the latest news or you can go for the SEO Certification to get access to SEO resources of top SEO companies.  

    Google gives results of more than 3.5 billion searches every day, and 75% of users don’t even click past the first page.

    It is highly important to rank in the first pages of Google’s search results, which is possible through SEO.

    Seo is of two types:

    White hat SEO and Black hat SEO

    But what does each of them mean?

    Let’s find out.

    White hat SEO

    As the name clears itself, white hat SEO refers to the practicing of legitimate SEO techniques to achieve higher rankings in the results of search engines.

    White SEO practices are completely aligned with Google’s guidelines for SEO; therefore, this type of SEO is the most acceptable way to improve search engine rankings.


    This technique is completely practical in its process as it follows Google’s algorithms and generates genuine leads.

    Practicing white hat SEO techniques includes updating quality content on the website, HTML optimization, optimizing land page of the website, and link acquisition campaigns, are all based on inbound marketing.

    Though you may not get results faster, the results are always long lasting appertaining to Google’s guidelines.

    Black Hat SEO

    Black hat SEO involves the practices that help you find weaknesses and loopholes in your SEO strategies. This technique does not follow the guidelines provided by Google. Therefore, black hat practices are considered illegitimate to use.

    The wholesome level of this technique is very low and if you ask a spam cleaner about the role of black hat SEO in improving results, he would probably say the role is next to zero.

    Spam links, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links are some of the widely known black hat SEO techniques. These practices can mislead users and redirect to the sites they are not interested in.

    You may get results faster, but the most traffic will be spammy generated, and Google may completely eliminate you from search results. Thus, black hat SEO is for a short term.

    Gray Hat SEO

    The third type of SEO is Gray Hat SEO that includes both white and black hat SEO. This technique came into practice because client’s pressure to get results in a short span. Usually, third-party companies prefer the mixed practices forming the Gray Hat SEO.

    What are the latest SEO techniques currently prevailing in the Market?

    A number of SEO techniques are available that marketers can opt to build their online presence. Marketers have categorized SEO into On- page and Off- page SEO.

    So what do they mean?

    On-page SEO and off-page SEO

    On-page SEO:

    It refers to the activities that are performed on the page and are about to be published. To put it simply, it includes tasks that can optimize a given page such that it appears on top of search engine results. The right keywords intensity, building a customized URL structure, inserting the alt attributes, inserting internal links, meta tags, meta description, etc., are some of the on-page SEO techniques.

    Some of the examples of on-page SEO techniques are:


    You can improve the authority of a site by achieving backlinks from legitimate websites with higher domain authority. By giving the source of the site that has been referred to quote a particular information, you can gain backlinks. According to Google’s algorithms and  Yoast, giving a backlink to a site that has a higher search engine ranking can earn you credibility on search engine results. By giving multiple backlinks to an authoritative site, you can convince them in the future to give your site a backlink as well. In this way, you can boost your site’s traffic to a great extent.

    Infusing keywords in order of priority

    Being a Digital Marketer, you must be aware of keywords stuffing. So what is the exact intensity of a keyword in any post? First, you need to know that keywords also have subcategories: primary keywords and secondary keywords. The order of keywords differentiates these two categories.

    Primary keywords should occur at least 8-15 times in a content of 2000 words. On the other hand, secondary keywords must occur at least once across the content.

    Google’s spiders will  filter the content posted by you, and the keywords will help them understand whatever the content will cover. Therefore, as per Google’s algorithms, the primary and the secondary keywords must be stuffed properly into the content to make Google understand better about the context of the content.

    Off-page SEO:

    It includes all the activities that are performed on a live page. Commenting on blogs to boost engagement, sharing the post, liking the post on the social media, ratings the post, answering the queries of prospects are some of the tasks that come under off page SEO.

    SEO has the potential to set your audience to action. Your engaging blog posts, intuitive land page, and the navigational website won’t make sense if everything is not aligned with SEO. Make sure you hire an SEO executive who not only have theoretical knowledge of SEO, but someone who knows how to implement SEO techniques to drive measurable results.


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