Surprising Fashion Trends for 2018

    There are lots of fashion trends out there, and experts within the industry are able to predict what is going to be hot next year. For this article, that means 2018, because these upcoming fashions are going to blow your mind. Let’s take a look at the most surprising fashion trends for the 2018 fashion season.

    2018 Fashion Trends

    The first thing that you have to understand is that 2018 is a year of artwork and design. Artwork will have the major place in fashion, with dresses and other clothing made by artists for the sake of artwork. That doesn’t mean that the design is going to be bad. In fact, quite the contrary is true. Let’s take a look at some trends that are going to be happening in 2018 in a few different categories.

    Fashion for Women

    There are a couple of really cool fashion trends that are going to be happening in 2018 for women. One of them is the layered pastel. Basically, you can just pull everything pastel out of your closet and layer it on top of each other. This was showcased in a recent fashion show. But another trend from Oscar de la Renta is going to be the dress as an art canvas, complete with paint splatters. Lace will also be in as demonstrated in this collection of lace dresses.

    Fashion for Men

    When it comes to what men will be wearing in 2018, one big change that you will see is loose pants. Baggy loose pants with plenty of ankle showing are hitting the runways in Paris and Milan. There will also be a trend in men’s jackets that is pretty interesting. The fashion term for this trend is technical and then includes parkas with lots of buttons, leather jackets and basically anything that looks sleek and consists of technical fabric. Bold colors all across the board also made their appearance at New York Fashion Week.

    Business Fashion

    When it comes to business casual, women are going to be wearing a lot of blues blacks and browns. Varying shades of these colors are mixed and matched, combining pants, blouses and jackets to create a very sharp business look. When it comes to men’s business casual, you can look to celebrities like Andrew Garfield and see what’s coming up in 2018. Specifically, blazers in interesting patterns and colors are combined with jeans or slacks and pin dot shirts are going to be in as well.

    Kid’s Fashion

    Spring and summer Children’s Fashion for 2018 will include multi-layered skirts and trendy colors. Specifically, bold and catchy colors are out, as are acid colors; and pastels are in. Some of the kid’s colors that were popular during fashion shows new season included sand, cream soft mustard color, lemon, pale blue, camel and peach. One of the most surprising trends for boys is military-inspired gear, such as camouflage, khaki and other military styles in colors of pink, blue, green and yellow.


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