How to Start a Business (even if you have no money)

    In the past, if you wanted to start a business, pretty much the only option that you had available to you was getting a business loan and starting a store of some kind. But the internet has completely changed the way that business works, as well as the way in which people start businesses. If you have ever wondered if someone really can start a legitimate business without any money, the internet holds the key, and all of the answers of how to do it are right here.

    The Kinds of Businesses

    First, let’s discuss the types of businesses that you can start online. There are lots of them, but we will try to narrow them down into categories. First, there is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you sell something that belongs to someone else – and in most case delivered by someone else as well. You can sell other people’s eBooks, Amazon products and much more. While “no money” is relative; you really can start these businesses with no money as there are domains for as little as $0.88 per year and free hosting available.

    However, affiliate marketing is not the only kind of business out there that you can start with no money. In fact, some of the businesses that you can start with no money aren’t even online, even though you could likely grow your business with an online presence. For example, you could start a dog-walking business, you could clean houses or you could start various other enterprises just a little willpower and desire. But online businesses are definitely where the money is at, and there are people who started with nothing and are now making six figures. Do you know any dog walkers who are doing that?

    How to Start an Online Business

    So, you want to start an online business? Well, this is a little more involved, this tutorial will walk you through this entire business-building process. Let’s start with your idea:

    The first thing that you need to do is decide on what business model you want to pursue. You usually want to pick this before you even come up with a product, because your choices will be limited. For example, if you choose to do affiliate marketing, and you decide to promote books on an affiliate provider site like Click Bank, then you are limited to just what is being offered through that service.

    Of course, it helps when you are passionate about whatever product and service you are promoting. This is partly because your passion will come through when you were writing promotional content and partly because you will have more fun promoting products and services that you care about.

    You are also going to have to come up with a way to promote your business. You should consider using direct mail as well as other marketing methods like pay-per-click ads, banner ads and content marketing.


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