The Importance of Dressing for Success

    There’s often a fine line between getting professional wear exactly right, and it going horribly wrong. More often than not, there’s a lot weighing on your appearance. Whether it’s an interview for that perfect job with your dream company, a client meeting, a presentation/pitch, or simply an important day in your professional life, your appearance has more of an impact than you may think.

    Whether we like it or not, for both sexes, our appearance affects the way we are perceived – especially in the professional world. Not only can dressing sharp give off the right impression, but it can also do wonders for your self-esteem and perhaps boost your performance or give you an extra confidence lift. With just a few simple changes or alterations, you may notice some differences in your professional life.

    The right timepiece for organization

    The most subtle of enhancements to your style can make a world of difference, and this can begin by, for example, the simple act of wearing a watch. Whether you gravitate towards the vintage feel, the retro look or something with a bit more of a classic flair like a Panerai, a watch often screams organization and professionalism, just when you need it. The watch you wear is important and should be taken seriously.

    Shoes, shoes, shoes

    Regardless of what industry you’re in, your choice of footwear is quite important but yet still it’s one of the easiest elements to forget about if you’re not exactly shoe-inclined. From trainers to office shoes, don’t forget to wear your least scruffy pair and bear comfort in mind.

    Stick to a color code

    As a number of surveys and studies suggest, there is a certain color code to your professional dress. According to a survey published on the Business Insider wearing the color black can suggest leadership, blue means teamwork, red translates as power, and green, yellow, orange and purple imply creativity. Before you get dressed for your next important career move, perhaps you should bear some of these suggestions in mind.  Additionally, one of our New Theory tips for business fashion in 2018 is the pairing of certain colors together.

    Be yourself

    Last but certainly not least, the key element to dressing for success is letting your personality shine through whichever outfit, accessory or beauty decisions you make. Avoid feeling uncomfortable in your own skin as this will most definitely come across in a negative light. The fact that this is an important occasion in your career does not mean that you need to dress out of your comfort zone.


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