Look Into My Eyes: Lash Out This Fall

    All women want their eyes to pop! And… all woman want to feel like all eyes are on them when they walk into a room and are being spoken too. There is nothing more powerful than the ability to capture someone else’s eyes with your eyes.

    How does one do this?

    Well, there are all types of makeup tricks to make your eyes stand out…Certain color shadows and techniques, eyeliner, contacts, the list goes on…

    However, there is one asset most females are always looking to enhance but can never seem to find the right solution- eyelashes!

    Longer, thicker, fuller lashes… hassle free!

    Various mascaras may leave a smudgy mess behind, and eyelash curlers never seem to smooth out and lengthen the way those commercials and professional makeup artists show. Women spend tons of money on throw away, over the counter, fake eyelashes where the glue often leaves behind damaging residue. Not to mention they never look natural, even if you can manage to perfect the craft of applying them properly and effortlessly they tend to look too fanned out or spidery.

    Eyelash Extensions are the answer that women have been waiting for. Eyelash extensions are meticulously applied by trained professionals who are experts in evaluating the specific eye shape and color in order to personalize to an individual’s natural style. Each set is customized to the ideal volume, and perfect curl to highlight your eyes.

    There are many different types of eyelash extensions that may be right for you. Silk and Mink eyelash extensions provide the softest, most comfortable, and natural looking lashes on the market today. Prepare to be stared at and most likely stop traffic. Say goodbye to goopy mascara and obvious strip lashes. Get the striking results you’ve always dreamed of.

    The “Full Set” Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

    Consider your lashes the ultimate drapes to the windows of your soul… they have the ability to accentuate the color and vibrancy of your eyes for optimal enhancement. They are customized and applied delivering the perfect curl to open your entire face! No more spending money on false lashes or mascara which leads to nothing but frustration when you are trying to gussy up for a day event or a night out!

    Eyelash extensions add lusciousness and volume transforming your everyday look to a never ends strut down the red carpet. They are so lightweight and comfortable, you will never feel like your eyelids are sagging or are forced into making the wide-eyed surprised face that naturally happens when going for that bold, dramatic look.

    No More This ….                                                                      Or this!



    You will still feel like yourself, natural, youthful, and confident. Nothing but captivating others by mere eye contact.

    Eyelash extensions are proof beauty can be less than a blink away

    Many medspas and salons offers Eyelash Extensions that can complement any style:

    • Minx Eyelash Extensions: Full Volume
    • Minx Eyelash Extensions: Subtle Volume
    • Party Lash! A selection of colored lashes.

    Most of these luxurious and often relaxing treatments also provide lash refill or a maintenance process that allows you to keep your eyelash extensions indefinitely by adding additional strands as your eyelashes naturally shed and regrow. It is important you find the right professionally who can skillfully apply strategically to give you the absolute best aesthetic to compliment your gorgeous face!

    Get ready to lash out this Fall with the most optimal optics trending in the beauty industry today!


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