Three Groups of People That Can Benefit From a Medical Alert Device

    A medical alert device can be one of the most important tools to that you have to protect your health. They are not that expensive, but they do cost money, and so many people wonder if they or their loved ones actually need a medical alert device. We will be discussing three groups of people for which the medical alert device is absolutely vital. For these people, the chances are much higher than the average person that they will actually need the response provided from a medical device.

    What is a Medical Alert Device?

    A medical alert device, such as a bracelet, keychain or pin, is something that you wear all the time that will notify emergency personnel if something happens. These emergency devices vary in form and function. Some of them require that you push a button to notify emergency personnel, while others can tell when you are not breathing or have fallen. Now, let’s discuss the types of people that need these devices.

    People with Severe Allergies

    If you have severe allergies, then you may want to consider a medical alert device. If you happen to ingest something that you are allergic to, and you know there is a possibility of your throat closing up or having other major symptoms, then you should definitely be able to alert emergency personnel at a moment’s notice.  Examples include: bee stings, penicillin end some food allergies.

    People with Certain Medical Conditions Or Devices

    There are also people that should have a medical alert device if they have certain conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease and autism. If you have a chronic illness that could result in you having a medical emergency where you only have minutes to get to an ER, then you definitely want to consider carrying a medical alert device with you. In addition, people that have artificial heart valves, use an insulin pump, have hearing aids or cochlear implants, or have any stents or shunts in the body should consider getting their own medical alert devices as well.

    People over the Age Of 65

    Finally, anyone that is over the age of 65 should definitely consider getting a medical alert device. Not every all senior citizen is prone to an emergency, and some are even less likely than some younger people; however, when you are over the age of 65 your risk for various problems that could result in a call to 911. For example, a heart attack is much more common when you are over the age of 50, and the longer you live the higher the chances that you could have a heart attack. In addition, many seniors fall and find they cannot get up, and that could mean not being able to call for emergency help.

    Getting a Medical Alert Device

    If you are in one of these groups, or you are thinking about getting a medical alert device anyway, then you may want to read the latest review and check out more information to help you make a decision on which one to get.


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