Simple Tips for Waking Up

    In a world of everyday stress, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle, there is nothing more rewarding than feeling good. How can you get in shape, perk up and feel better in no time, even if playing at CookieCasino or listening to energized music? Then these tips will help you. 

    Don’t Put off by the Alarm Clock

    Ten excruciating minutes in bed awaiting the inevitable will not add to your energy. In addition, some physicians have noted that dozing off again upon awakening often puts us into a deeper sleep phase, which means it will be even harder to start the day.

    Use Apps and Gadgets 

    To wake up rested in the “right” phase, try using sleep trackers. These can be smartphone apps like Sleep Cycle or special gadgets. Thanks to motion sensors, such devices will determine the most comfortable time to wake up and inform about it by unobtrusive sounds.

    Stay up for 5 or More Minutes

    There is a theory that you only need to stay up for nine minutes in the morning and you won’t be so sleepy anymore. Start with at least five: walk around the apartment, groom your skin, or take a warm shower, make some tea or coffee. By the time the alarm clock rings again, you’ll probably be awake and realize there’s no point in going back to bed.

    Drink Water

    Not everyone likes to develop this habit, but most people benefit from it. Restore water balance after a night’s rest. As a result,the body will get the vitality it needs. You don’t need to drink a lot of water in the morning. Just drink a sip or two to feel better and get more energized after waking up.

    Simple Exercises

    After you wash your face and drink some water, slowly do some exercise. Exercise is great, but only experience it for yourself. For those not yet ready for that kind of heroism, some easy yoga workouts can be quickly done right in bed. Just turn on a YouTube video and start training.

     Don’t Forget to Eat

    Morning meetings and chores go much easier when we’re full. The main thing is not to overeat, otherwise instead of energy comes lethargy and sleepiness. Eat a protein-rich meal or cook a quick and healthy breakfast. For example, this can be a smoothie or oatmeal with fruits. Cooking them will take less than 5 minutes.


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