How to Vape Marijuana and What You Need to Know

    As legalization sweeps across North America and looks likely to make inroads in Europe in the near future, the cannabis industry has grown larger than anyone could have predicted a few decades ago. Marijuana is now big business. As it becomes more socially acceptable and the potential health benefits are being uncovered, more and more people are coming to the plant for the first time. 

    As time moves on and innovation in the industry comes thick and fast, the traditional methods of consuming marijuana are slowly becoming outdated and replaced by healthier and more convenient methods. Previously, smoking cannabis in joints, blunts, bongs, and pipes were the only ways to consume, but increasingly people are moving towards vaporizing. Vaporizing nicotine has been around for some time, and the market is vast. But for people who want to vaporize cannabis, the extensive range of products and methods can be somewhat confusing, I mean take a look at Smoke Cartel’s collection of vaporizers there’s over 100 for dry herb (aka Marijuana) vaporizers to choose from. If you are thinking about vaporizing cannabis, here are a few things you need to know before you get started. 

    Why is it healthier?

    Smoking marijuana in a joint or bong involves combusting the weed at a high temperature. When cannabis is burnt in this way, many carcinogens and toxins are released and inhaled into the body, causing damage to the lungs and possible long term complications. For people who are consuming marijuana for health reasons, the adverse effects of smoking can easily outway and potential benefits. 

    Vaporizers work in a completely different way. Vaporizers heat the weed to a much lower temperature, a precise temperature that turns the plant’s active compounds into a vapor without burning it. In this way, the carcinogens and toxins are not generated or inhaled by the user. It is also a more efficient way to consume; when smoking cannabis, a lot of the product is burnt away without releasing the cannabinoids that get you high. Many users also comment that the high is different compared to the high when smoking. 

    Different kinds of vaporizers

    There are many different styles of types of vaporizor available on the market at the moment. These differences are more than aesthetics. Vaporizers are designed for specific forms of marijuana, and knowing which type to buy is crucial. 

    The first factor to consider when buying a vaporizer is to know whether you want to vape cannabis oil or dried cannabis flower. Once you have worked this out, then you need to figure out what your needs are. Tabletop vaporizers tend to be larger devices for home use. They are not portable and not really designed for use on the go. Portable vaporizers come in many different shapes in sizes. One of the most popular is vape pens. They are slim, portable, and easy to carry devices that you can carry around in your pocket or handbag. 

    Which should you choose?

    If you prefer to vape at home and don’t mind spending a bit more money for a vaporizer with a high usage life, tabletop vaporizers are the way to go. Tabletop vaporizers are not very discreet, so if you have inquisitive children or friends and relatives who are not tolerant of cannabis use, you may want to think of buying a portable vaporizer. 

    If you like to get high on the move, then you are probably more suited to vape pens and smaller handheld devices. The drawback of these devices is that they have parts that need cleaning and replacing, such as the heating elements and batteries.  

    How to use vaporizers

    Using a vaporizer is incredibly easy and much more convenient than having to roll a joint or fill a bong, especially if you are on the go. Using vape pens is very straightforward. Simply fill them with cannabis oil, charge them up, and they’re ready. Put the pen to your lips, hold the button and inhale. Remember to release your finger from the button when you’re not inhaling, or you will decrease the lifespan of your heating elements. 

    Tabletop vaporizers such as volcano type models are also incredibly easy to use. These types of vaporizers are typically designed for smoking the dried flower form of cannabis. Simply grind your flower into small pieces and put the desired amount into the heating compartment. Once activated, the digital readout will tell you when the cannabis is heated to the correct temperature. Simply place the nozzle to your lips and inhale. 


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