Simple Changes That Will Help Homeowners Beat The Heat

    The only way to avoid overwhelming summer heat waves is to hit the beach on the weekends and to spend the rest of your time indoors. The only problem is when your home is just as hot, humid and unbearable as it is outside your front door. If you want to know how you can turn your home into a sanctuary away from the blistering heat, follow these clever changes below.

    Replace Your Windows

    One of the greatest ways to keep your house cool during the summer is to invest in better windows because they will prevent humid air from creeping indoors and cold air from leaking out. Get the upgrade with the help of local manufacturer and distributor Golden Windows, so that you can make the most out of your air conditioning unit. Not only do they have energy-efficient Ottawa replacement windows and durable frames, they have a professional team of installers that will guarantee that your chilly air is sealed indoors. You need an expert installation when you get replacement windows for your home because an amateur or DIY job will ruin their insulating abilities — even if they are the finest energy-efficient replacement windows Ottawa can offer, a poor installation will undermine their main purpose.

    Fix Your Ceiling Fans

    While it’s likely that you will want to blast your air conditioner all day long to keep the house comfortable, you should never underestimate the power of a ceiling fan. If you want to know how to keep your house cool this summer, you need to check if all of your fans are moving in the right direction — the blades should be running counter-clockwise to push all of the colder air downward instead of pulling it up. Before the temperatures start creeping into the thirties, you should reverse the orientation of your fans so that the indoor air can feel soothing. Famed home expert Mike Holmes also recommends switching the fan’s lights if they are not energy-efficient LED or fluorescent bulbs, because they could be adding unnecessary warmth to the area.

    Use Plants To Your Advantage

    Another excellent tip for keeping your home cool is to buy plenty of plants in preparation for summer — these will help you keep the air fresh indoors and provide lots of necessary shade outdoors. Place plants along your windowsills to absorb some of the heat coming through the glass surface. You can coordinate the type of plants with the room, choosing ferns for your bathrooms, jasmine for your bedrooms, and potted herbs like rosemary, basil, thyme and mint for the kitchen. When it comes to your home’s exterior, you should consider planting hedges and small trees to naturally shade certain corners of your house.  

    Water Dispensers

    We all know how important water is, especially during hot summer days. No matter how many people are in your household, keeping that jug of water refilled and cooled can be challenging, and opening the fridge 20 times a day isn’t going to help reduce energy! Many families are embracing water dispensers, keeping a separate unit in the house as a source of constantly cold, delicious water. It’s easy to find reviews of water dispensers to see which model is the perfect fit for your home.

    You shouldn’t have to suffer through every heat wave, hoping for some relief from a passing breeze or sudden rainfall. When you follow these simple changes, your home will feel comfortable no matter what the temperature is outdoors.


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