5 Easy Ways to Look Classically Cool

    Some guys just look cool no matter what. We’re talking about the Tom Hardy’s and the Denzel Washington’s out there, the guys that seem to just sweat cool out of their pores. Of course, we want to look like those guys! Who wouldn’t? Thankfully, it might actually be easier than you might think to pull it off and you don’t even need millions to do it. Here are five easy ways to look classically cool with pretty minimal effort. You are welcome, sir.

    Dress like an Adult

    This might be the hardest tip of all, so we are getting it over with immediately. It is time to seriously take a look at yourself in the mirror. There is a really big difference between dressing like a boy and dressing like a man, and you should address your wardrobe if you fall into the former category. How can you tell? Well, do all of your shirts have band names and catchphrases on them? Have you had any of your frequently worn clothing items since you were a teenager? Yes? Get rid of them (you can keep band shirts if they are vintage and can be dressed up). If you want to be classically cool, you have to look the part. It might help if you have a style icon. For instance, if you think someone like John Boyega is a badass, ask to yourself, “Would Boyega wear this?” If it’s a no, you shouldn’t wear it either.

    Rock the Right Eyewear

    Sunglasses are seriously the greatest gift your wardrobe can be given. This classic staple can instantly make you look cool if you have the right style for your face and aesthetic. You don’t have to follow any crazy trends to do it right either. We recommend that you keep it simple and stick with a frame and style that has stood the test of time, such as men’s aviator sunglasses.

    Wear Pants That Actually Fit

    Well-fitting jeans go a seriously long way when it comes to looking cool. You should avoid baggy pants like the plague, and gravitating towards classic styles and cuts that stand the test of time. Go with simple styles, like clean, dark-blue straight-leg jeans that will pair nicely with everything and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Obviously, you will have to spend some time shopping around, since no two brands are the same and even different styles within the same brand will fit you differently. However, once you find what works, stock up and stick with it.

    Jeans are great, but you should definitely change it up. After all, jeans are not the only type of pants out there. Look to add some variety and color into your bottoms, such as a great pair of chinos. If you don’t know what chinos are, they are lightweight, cotton pants that are often cut slimmer than khakis. And no, chinos are not just for dads.

    Up Your Shoe Game

    If you’re trying to give off a classically cool vibe, it’s important that you don’t forget your footwear. Sure, your comfortable trainers are great for the gym, but you should not be wearing them every single day. Simply swapping sneakers for a great pair of leather ankle boots will immediately make you look cooler, trust us.

    Don’t Forget to Layer

    One thing that we always notice cool guys doing is layering their clothes. This might intimidate you at first if you have no idea how to pair separate items together, but it really isn’t that difficult—the more you do it, the easier it gets. After all, you don’t have to get a bunch of different patterns and colors to experiment with layering (in fact, leave the daring choices to the pros). All you need are some classic wardrobe staples. Do you have a V-neck navy blue sweater? Great. Alone it might look just fine, but picture it with a white button-up dress shirt beneath it. Boom. That simple addition just upped your look exponentially. Feeling even friskier? Add another layer on top of that, like a chic coat or a bomber jacket.

    Utilize this sage wisdom and pulling off that classically cool look will be as simple as getting dressed in the morning.   


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