Should You Choose Metal Roofing for Your Home?

    Choosing the right roofing material is one of the most important decisions for home builders. A faulty roof poses safety risks and may also incur hefty repair costs well into the future. There are several choices available for roofing. One stands out: metal. There are certain myths surrounding metal roofing. If you are concerned about selecting a metal roof for your new home, here are several known benefits that fulfill your needs:

    Metal Roofs are Long Lasting

    Perhaps the best-known advantage of metal roofs is that they last a long time. A well-built metal roof can last over 40 years. Some last up to 70 years. The longevity is dependent on the type of metal you choose. But you can expect at least a 12 to 20-year life expectancy from a metal roof. Metal roofs last long because of the sturdiness of the material. Metal doesn’t get soaked by rain or snow. It’s strong enough to weather heavy storms. That’s why some steel roof contractors even offer 50-year warranties for their products.

    Metal Roofing is Highly Durable

    The inherent sturdy nature of metal ensures that this type of roofing withstands the elements. Metal roofing is waterproof and highly fire resistant. If installed properly, the roofing can withstand strong winds. Some materials, like steel roofing, may withstand winds blowing 140 miles per hour. In other words, metal doesn’t break easily like wood. Your repairs would be significantly reduced as a result.

    Do note that the sturdiness of a metal roof depends on its material. If you want a highly weatherproof metal roof, you should consult with a specialist contractor like ZimGroup LTD steel roofing Toronto.

    Low Maintenance Requirements

    Metal roofing does not need to be inspected as regularly as wooden roofing. That doesn’t mean inspections are not required. Rather, you only need to inspect the roof once every two or three years depending on your needs. There is no regular maintenance required for metal roofing.

    High Safety Levels

    Metal roofing is fire-safe for use in disaster-prone zones. If you live in an area vulnerable to lightning storms or wildfires, metal roofing is a good option. That’s because the material doesn’t spark and catch fire like some other roofing materials. Metal by nature is fireproof.

    Metal Roofing is Energy Efficient

    Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider in roofing in order to reduce air conditioning costs in the house. If the roof heats up quickly in the summer, your cooling bills would literally go through the roof. Metal, as a material, reflects solar radiation. So the cooling costs are remarkably lower during the hot summer months.

    Metal Roofing can be Eco-Friendly

    Metal roofing is surprisingly environmentally friendly because modern manufacturers include a lot of recycled material in the end product. Metal roofing can be as high as 90 percent recycled. On average, you can expect at least 25 percent of recycled material. The higher the quality of the roofing, the more eco-friendly it would be.

    Metal roofing has some disadvantages as well. Mainly, this type of roofing costs more and there could be issues with noise during weather conditions like rain. However, the overall advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. Therefore, metal roofing might just be what you need for your new home.


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