How to Buy Emission Control Equipment for Vehicles

    Exhaust generation is a serious emissions control issue for businesses that rely on heavy construction vehicles. Even companies with fleets of cars would have to tackle emissions control. Many jurisdictions have either adopted pollution control measures to protect the environment or are in the process of doing so. Not complying with these laws would mean serious fines or even the shuttering of your business.

    Most companies rely on emissions control technologies like three way catalytic converters to control polluting vehicles. If you are not an engine expert, you may not understand what this equipment does. As most businesses will eventually have to purchase pollution control equipment, here are several tips on how to get about it:

    Have a Basic Understanding of Emissions Control Technology

    Modern engines have in-built systems for pollution control. Namely, the overall combustion system and the emissions after-treatment system. However, other systems in the engine also affect how emissions are produced. The after-treatment reduces emissions from the exhaust that comes from the system. But there are ways to further reduce the emissions from a vehicle. This is what emissions control equipment do.

    You can find these items at auto stores that offer diesel exhaust systems. An example of an emissions control device is a catalytic reactor. These items have to be installed in a vehicle. The store you purchase the items from should be able to install or at least provide advice on the installation process.

    Choose a Specialist Seller

    Do not purchase anything labeled as emissions control devices found at auto shops. Find a seller that specializes in selling this type of equipment. The gear you need would depend on the type of vehicle they are intended for. For example, the emissions control equipment for a heavy construction vehicle would differ from what you need for a highway vehicle.

    A specialist retailer or a trader would be able to advise you on the type of items you need. You would also get a warranty in some cases. Features like shipping speed and competitive pricing are important as well. The reputed seller might provide installation and repair services. You will not get these benefits from every seller, however.

    Mind the Regulations

    The emissions control equipment you purchase must meet with regulatory standards, such as OSHA requirements in the U.S. Each individual emissions control device you buy should meet the specified standards. A reputable seller would have regulatory information provided for the equipment on sale.

    Visit government websites to find out more information on regulations. Remember to check the emissions control rules you should follow when buying the equipment.

    Design Elements

    The design elements of emissions equipment is a highly technical field. You will need the help of an expert to evaluate whether the equipment you intend to buy matches the vehicle that needs to be outfitted. Design elements determine whether an emissions control device needs to be retrofitted and how. Therefore, seek professional advice as necessary.

    Buying emissions control equipment is a necessity for most business. Use the above tips to make the purchasing process smooth and pain-free. Finding a reputed seller is a good way to get information without hiring third-party consultants.


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