Shopping for Alcohol, 7 Ways to Save on Your Purchases

    Alcohol consumption is a favorite pastime for many. However, with different brands and flavors in the market, most shoppers have difficulties when shopping. Many end up buying from the wrong places or don’t pick the right products, which can be costly. But, there are various ways to save when shopping for alcoholic drinks.

    Here are ways to get the best deals on your favorite wines and spirits:

    1. Shop in bulk

    Bulk shopping saves a lot, and alcohol is no exception. You’re likely to save some cash when you buy many bottles as compared to single-bottle purchases. With higher volumes, you’ll get your favorite alcohol brands at low prices. You’ll also stand a chance for discounts and promotions when shopping in bulk. Besides, most vendors offer free shipping and delivery to bulk shoppers. Consider online stores, which will make it easier to compare prices.

    2. Bring your beer bottles

    Most people prefer drinking during dinner, and I presume you also do. Bring in your favorite Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime gin, and this will save you a lot. Most restaurants charge higher prices for wines and spirits, and you don’t want to fall a victim. However, not all restaurants allow beer from outside. 

    Inquire from the restaurant before bringing in your favorite gin to avoid trouble. If they allow beer from outside, confirm whether they charge an extra fee for their services. If you opt not to carry your bottle to the restaurant, why not buy a full one instead of tots? It will be cheaper and will save you some cash.

    3. Avoid weekend shopping

    Most people flock clubs and other fun joints on weekends, and you won’t miss wines and spirits on most tables. Alcohol prices tend to rise over the weekends due to high demand, and shopping during time may cost you more.

    If you plan to buy a few gins or wine bottles for the weekend, purchase them over the weekdays when everyone else focuses on work. Waiting for Friday evening or Saturdays will puncture your wallet to some extent.

    4. Go for “second label” wines

    These are cheaper versions of the most pricey wines. Although you’ll get the type of wine that doesn’t get much love from winemakers, you’ll save some money doing this. Moreover, attend wine tasting events, and you’ll likely get some free bottles and discounts for your purchases.

    5. Confirm the milliliters

    Some wines may seem cheaper, but the contents can be deceiving. Check the number of mLs in the bottle, which will help you determine the price per ounce. By so doing, you’ll find it easier to compare the prices between different bottle sizes and pick the best match for your budget.

    6. Order from Drizly

    Drizly is a popular website and mobile app that will deliver your alcohol in a short time. Each bottle comes with a price comparison, and this ensures that you get the best deals. Moreover, you also get cashback on your alcohol if you shop at Drizly via Ebates.

    7. Join a wine club

    Most wineries have wine clubs. Join and take advantage of huge discounts on your wine bottles. In case you don’t want to commit to a specific winery, consider an online wine society. They can ship different wine bottles to your door every month at lower prices, of course. If possible, share the shipping costs with a neighbor, and this will save you more.

    The bottom line

    It’s wise to save some money while shopping, and there numerous ways of doing this. However, don’t compromise on quality; acquire superior products, and purchase your wines and spirits from reputed dealers. Moreover, set a budget, take advantage of sales and promotions, and only buy what you can afford.


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