Attract Clients to Your Law Firm with These Blogging Ideas

    When we think of blogging it’s easy to imagine teens, moms and lifestyle gurus tapping away on their keyboards with an endless supply of great ideas. But did you know that no matter what kind of business you have, it’s always worth creating a company blog and sharing your latest updates with your current and potential clients? 

    Law firms are a great example of a business type that could benefit from regular and captivating blog posts. Not only is blogging good for SEO ranking, linking social media pages and website performance, but it also serves as a great source of information to clients.

    Sadly, the most common sticking point that lawyers come across, is what kind of content they should post. This creative blank space often means lawyers are missing out on creating traffic to their site. 

    Does this apply to you? Need a little inspiration? Attract clients to your law firm with these blogging ideas.

    Social media

    Social media and blogging go hand in hand. You can link your social networks with your professional blog, helping to promote and feed traffic back and forth. It also helps you to keep your business up to date with your followers, informing them across various platforms of business and industry news. Social media for lawyers is not something that should be dismissed. It increases brand identity and keeps your firm relevant with current and prospective clients.

    Give opinions or commentary on high profile cases

    Keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world demonstrates that you have your finger on the pulse. It sends a message to your potential clients that you’re innovative and equally passionate about the goings-on in the legal world. High profile cases that link to your area of experience, such as high profile divorce cases, criminal cases and even liability cases are the perfect way to cement yourself and your firm within this field of law. 

    Provide helpful information

    Speaking directly to your potential clients is always a good idea. And a blog post filled with helpful information and answers to common questions is a great place to start. From your opening hours to your experiences and even open events where you’re offering free consultations. If you’re unsure of what questions to answer, consider the most common questions clients ask you during their initial meeting with you.

    Post about your results and successful cases

    Sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet because no one else will. When it comes to content for your law blog, sharing articles and information about cases and firm success will get you plenty of positive attention, both client and SEO-wise. Featuring articles about your success on your social media pages and linking them to your website is the kind of SEO and website performance boost you need to stand apart from your competitors.

    And finally, video

    Again, video isn’t just for YouTubers and those wanting to sell clothes and skincare products, vlogging is the perfect medium for those who may find writing blog content a struggle. Video allows us to process information faster making it an effective marketing tool. A simple video introducing your staff or your premises is a great place to start.


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