Series that will make a splash in 2018

    Hollywood now scripts about 500 movies a year, and all are ready for filming. But, does it mean that every movie series that will hit silver screens is going to be a splash? Well, as curtains fall on the final season of Game of Thrones, one of the most popular TV shows in recent time, will there be another in its place, possibly raking the highest number of positive reviews and rating on Rotten Tomatoes?

    Indeed, continuing productions like 13 Reasons Why, Atlanta, Empire, Designated Survivor, the Sinner and many others may have been a hit, but they are only part of a long list of shows that you may find compelling to watch for the other part of the year. Before taking a closer look at TV shows to watch, take note of the following:Where will they premiere?

    We all love to rush home to catch a favorite TV show every Wednesday. However, there are days when that will not be possible. It could be due to staying late at work or traffic merely is not going to allow it. So, should you worry about missing new episodes on your favorite series?

    Well, streaming movies on smart portable devices are today’s craze among movie watchers. And with the popularity of Netflix continues to soar, probably as the most accessible and cheapest platform (with an option of a month of free airing), who wouldn’t want to watch a good show on a mobile device? Other TV stations like CNBC, USA, BBC, FOX, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, Amazon and many others are also not going to disappoint when it comes to premiering new Hollywood movies on mobile devices.

    What to expect

    There will be spoilers in continuing releases, but, what to wait in new TV shows remain debatable, except if trailers we see in official release sites, Fakebook covers, and YouTube is anything to go by. It is also noteworthy that, many TV series have been canceled after failing to impress in their first seasons of 2018 in spite of colossal spending and great anticipation among filmgoers.  In a nutshell, your favorite TV shows are back. New films are also set to premiere, not to mention that review of The Sinner on service Edusson couldn’t have been more captivating because a new twist is set to unravel, and Jessica Biel is at the center of it again.

    •    Barry

    You may have become used to hit men or contract killers underlining movie themes, but Barry, a comedy TV show airing on HBO takes a different twist, yet remains thrilling. Scenes of comic relief quickly become twist of events resulting into violence. It is one of those series that explore thematic depths of different issues, yet still retain the primary goal, which is to make people laugh.

    Barry shares a lot in common with Shakespeare’s Tragedy, Macbeth. There is a similar approach to defining people, and how character influences us to do certain things.

    •    Trust

    This year, Trust will go down as one of the most creative TV shows, thanks to actors like Brendan Fraser reinventing himself into someone different from the one everyone got used to in the 90s. While All the Money inspires it in the World, a movie that once splashed the screens, writing a good movie review on Trust should mention that it is not only a dramatic and adventurous show for every TV viewer but also set to be a top contender for movie awards. An excellent essay writer or a writing service will help put everything into perspective.

    •    Atlanta

    ‘Robbin Season’ is known as the time before Christmas in Atlanta. Robberies are rampant, something which the producer capitalizes on to create the movie that now enters season two.  Glover and his team structure the new release using more twists and turns, not to mention suspense, all of which will keep you glued to your seat.

    •    Ballers

    The Rock is back, and this time, he is going to make more money both inside and out of the screen. It couldn’t have been better after season one became an instant hit among movie watchers.  It’s no longer going to be about songs everyone knows.

    •    The X-files

    If you haven’t seen the teaser, then you better grab an essiac tea in anticipation of one of the 11th Season of the x-files. It is one of the thrilling series that has been shown on Fox.

    •    Ash vs. Evil

    Season 3 may even be spookier, but the fact that Ash Williams, a horror character replacing his hand with a chainsaw remains ‘legendary’. The bloodletting series is perhaps going to set a new record in The Evil Dead Themed movies.

    Final Thoughts

    The year 2018 is going to be very exciting for movie lovers. The Terror on AMC, the continuation of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix, The Chi on Showtime, not mention a new film, The Looming Tower on Hulu where Peter Sarsgaard and Jeff Daniels starring as CIA and FBI investigators are set to be blockbusters of the year.


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