Top Landscape Designer in NYC Gives Us the Straight Dirt

    Steve Griggs, the Premier NYC Landscape Designer joins the New Theory Podcast

    Steve Griggs joins the podcast as I was extremely excited to have Steve on the show.  I first came across Steve a few years ago as I saw him in on Grant Cardone’s show, Power Players.  Check out the video here:

    The book recently became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon as he dominated the landscaping category for new and current releases:


    So What Is the Book About?

    Landscaping  and architectural design isn’t something most of us think about on a daily basis. In fact, living life as a Landscape Designer might just be one of the most obscure things you could think of, right? Well, Steve Griggs might just change your mind about that. Using his 35-plus years of time as a professional Landscape Designer, he created a memoir-turned-advice book called Straight Dirt: New York’s Premier Landscape Designer Tells it Like It Is.

    A Surprising Tour Of Life’s Important Lessons About Business and Life

    One thing that you’re going to notice about Straight Dirt is the amount of passion that Steve Griggs has about landscape design. That passion is contagious and motivational; a true lesson about the importance of doing something you’re really interested in. That alone could teach a lot of people a thing or two about career choices, but Griggs doesn’t stop there.

    Rather, every chapter seems to have a lesson you can learn in it. As one of New York’s top Landscape Designers, Steve Griggs reveals the attitudes and experiences that helped him climb his way to the very top of his field. From the importance of communicating well with his team to the importance of doing it right the first time, anyone who wants to get a better life can find something in Straight Dirt.

    A Job Well Done As I Learned A Lot From Steve

    Just one example of his amazing work

    Landscaping isn’t really my forte, I can barely push a lawnmower, let alone come up with designs and concepts for your outdoor space.  What makes Steve special for me is that he’s a regular guy who made it with pure hustle and talent.  Not to mention in one of the most competitive markets in the country (Sinatra said is best).

    Some takeaways from the Podcast:

    • Learn how not to get “squeezed” by the client when pricing a job 
    • Do it once and do it right
    • Always keep your word
    • Also list out what is not included

    Take a listen to this special edition of the New Theory podcast:

    To listen on iTunes: New Theory Podcast on iTunes

    Check out Steve Griggs here:

    Buy the book here on Amazon: Steve Griggs Straight Dirt

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