My Brother and Me Cast: Where Are They Now?

    My Brother and Me was a short-lived show on Nickelodeon in the mid-1990s. The protagonists were the Parkers of Charlotte, North Carolina, and their friends and acquaintances whose daily lives and relationships made up the stories. It was an unpretentious show about everyday characters that we could all relate to. But also kudos to the actors and actresses of the show who brought to life the down-to-earth characters and their daily trials and tribulations of coming of age. Cult followers and die-hard Nick fans have never forgotten and so we wonder where they are now.

    Arthur Reggie III as Alfred “Alfie” Parker

    Arthur Reggie III via MySpace
    Arthur Reggie III via MySpace

    After My Brother and Me, Arthur acted in the movies, Sliders and Bulworth, and was a voice actor in the TV show C-Bear and Jamal. He is now a rap artist and goes by the name “Showbizness.” He has released two mixtapes, Purple Heart and Da Show Must Go On.

    Ralph Woolfolk IV as Derek “Dee” Parker

    Alfie’s baby brother gave up acting after My Brother and Me wrapped up and concentrated on academics. He graduated from Morehouse College. He was a catcher on his college baseball team and a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Last known, he lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and worked for Hope Foundation.

    Karen E. Fraction as Jennifer Parker

    Karen E. Fraction via Vimeo
    Karen E. Fraction via Vimeo

    Karen E. Fraction was much loved as a mum and wife on My Brother and Me, and she was flooded with acting assignments afterwards. She had a recurring role in SeaQuest 2032 and appeared in many commercials and print ads. She also acted in many TV shows (Sheena; Taina; and Walker, Texas Ranger), films (The First of May; Palmetto; and Our Son, the Matchmaker), plays, and Broadway productions.

    Karen Fraction died in October 2007 after battling breast cancer for five years.

    Jim R. Coleman as Roger Parker

    Jim Coleman via the actor's personal website
    Jim Coleman via the actor’s personal website

    Jim Coleman’s acting career really took off after playing Roger Parker in My Brother and Me. He landed roles in TV shows (Sheena, SeaQuest, Saved by the Light, ER, Law & Order, Burn Notice, and SVU/Criminal Intent) and several movies (The Walking Dead, Prime of Your Life, Ace Ventura 3, American Gangster, Palmetto, and Olive Juice). He has created, produced, and acted in Strokes, a TV sitcom, which won The Florida Crystal Reel Award for the best pilot show and was featured at the prestigious New York Television Festival.

    Amanda Seales as Deonne Wilburn

    Amanda Seales via LinkedIn
    Amanda Seales via LinkedIn

    After appearing on My Brother and Me, Amanda acted in Freedomland and Identical and a TV movie, Ladies Book Club, which is to be released soon. She is, however, more famous as VJ Amanda Diva of MTV2’s Sucker Free Sundays. She is also a singer, songwriter, and standup comedian. She hosted Breakfast @ Diva’s for Sirius Satellite Radio and now hosts Best Week Ever, a weekly pop culture show.

    Amanda has been the CEO of DivaWorks Inc. for more than two decades and as part of her work, produces many comedy shows and performs in them as well. She is also the social media ambassador for Grenada and advocates for women empowerment and racial equality.

    Stefan J. Wernli as Donnel Wilburn

    Stefan J. Wernli graduated from the Harvard University, majoring in Computer Science and Physics and now works as a Software Development Engineer with Microsoft. During his stint at Harvard, he was a member of the Harvard Callbacks, a cappella singing organization.

    My Brother and Me lasted for only one season, but many amongst us remember it for its refreshing freshness and originality. Many actors and actresses of the show have carved out successful careers in the entertainment industry and are delighting people in innovative ways. Others like Ralph Woolfolk IV and Stefan Wernli are making a difference to people’s lives in other ways. Karen E. Fraction will be missed by us all.


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