6 fun boyfriend gift ideas he’ll love

    gifts for my boyfriend ideas

    Need to get a gift for your boyfriend? Here are some awesome, fun gift ideas for the man in your life:

    1. Deal with it Sunglasses.The deal with it, Thug Life meme is one that has been around for a number of years and always funny when you see a meme get the TL treatment. These glasses are made to allow you to do just that in real life, meaning each of your selfies can pay homage to the hilarious videos we see on our social media every day. It’s a great gift and one that’ll have people cracking up all over his social media.
    2. All-In-One Bar Set.This bar set, designed by Bartule from North Ferrisburgh, Vermont, is so appealing that you will be tempted to put it on display. The set includes a jigger, corkscrew and bottle opener, citrus juice, and ice bucket. To make things even better, the ice bucket’s lid can be used as a salt trimmer or coaster for wine bottles. By simply owning this set, your boyfriend will definitely look the part behind the bar regardless of whether or not he partakes. The gift is best when paired with a chic cocktail recipe book.
    3. Heavy Duty Jobsite Earbuds.These high performance earbuds will definitely help your boyfriend concentrate and better enjoy listening to podcasts or music by drowning out irritating background noise. Whether he is commuting in a noisy train, working in an open and noisy office, or working with a hammer at a construction site, your boyfriend can listen without interference. Some of the main features of the earbuds include noise isolation tips designed to cancel out ambient noise by up to 30 percent. The design also includes a 5 foot long cord combined with ear hooks to make sure users enjoy unencumbered use at all times. These accessories can be used with a variety of popular devices including all Samsung Galaxy iterations and Android devices, iPads, iPhones and iPods.
    4. Dotti Smart Pixel Light. Does your boyfriend suffer from a fear of missing a notification (FOMN) when he can’t have his smartphone at arm’s reach? If the answer is a resounding yes, then this smart-light, which is similar to the older Lite-Brite, will be invaluable to him. Its compatible with both Android and IOS devices, supports USB charging. The Dotti Smart Pixel Light signals incoming text messages, calls, emails, social media notifications, and events by lighting up. The device can also be used to dance to music, create or download pixilated graphics and to play dice games. The Dotti is portable given its compact size; measuring a meager 2.56” x 2.56” x 1.18” in dimensions.
    5. Jump Two-In-One Charging Cable.This gift is great for the boyfriend who is always on the move and a challenge to get hold of. With this useful portable charger, he will never miss an important office call or text from you. The charger remains in a compact package to make sure you it will not take up too much room in his pocket or bag. The charge is also eye catching with blue, red and white cable wraps tightly around the power. As a result of its dual-sided design, the gadget comes with a USB port to support computer use and a host of other accessories; a lightening cord on the side will help juice up his iPhone for added browsing or calling time (between 2 or 3 hours respectively).
    6. Craft Your Own Bitters Kit.Your boyfriend can use this kit to learn how to make his very own bitters, especially if he is a fan of Old Fashioned and Manhattans. The set includes a funnel, 4 apothecary bottles made of glass, a strainer, aromatic and citrus blends (one of each) and a couple of infusion jars; a perfect collection of beginner tools. These, combined with the included, easy to follow, step by step instructions ensure that he has everything he needs to forge his very own extracts. All that remains is for you to add alcohol to the mix. In no time he will be trying out his own recipes. For some added fun, consider making the extracts together. If you need any motivation, just consider how good your new date night cocktail drinks will be when you are done.

    Image Source: https://photos.icons8.com/


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