Reckless Driving Accident: Causes and Prevention Tips

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    Reckless driving is against traffic regulations because the driver completely ignores traffic signals, laws, and road signs. Reckless driving is one of the most common causes of road accidents and usually, it involves dangerously high speed or hazardous driving tactics. It can cause serious injuries or even deaths of people present in the car. Luckily, we can prevent accidents caused by rash driving. By knowing the reasons for reckless driving accidents and adapting some preventive measures, the driver can save himself and other people on the road from getting harmed. 

    Reasons and precautionary measures

    When reckless driving results in a car accident, it is usually the fault of the driver who was operating their vehicle in an erratic manner. According to Pusch & Nguyen, some of the main reasons for reckless driving accidents are as follows:

    • Drunk driving: Due to alcohol in the blood, the driver is prone to losing control over his actions. Besides, in most cases, unreasonable self-confidence appears, the reaction slows down, attention is dulled, and the ability to analyze the situation around is worsened. 
    • Speeding. The drivers drive too fast that they exceed the speed limit of the road. You need to choose the speed depending on the road conditions (in particular, the type, condition, and slope of the road), visibility and visibility, the technical condition of the car, etc. 
    • Violation of the rules for overtaking. Overtaking is one of the most responsible and frequent maneuvers associated with increased speed and limited visibility. Often the result of improper overtaking is a head-on collision.
    • Ignoring the traffic signals: This may include ignoring traffic signs and traffic signals, changing lanes without a turn signal, cutting, etc.
    • Inattentive driving:  This category includes the careless attitude of pedestrians, talking on the phone, eating at the wheel, and banal conversations with passengers can also cause accidents. 
    • Dodging: giving dodge to another driver on the road or driving without maintaining adequate distance with other vehicles on the road also cause accidents. 
    • Unable to take a quick decision:  if a driver fails to stop at the red signal and unable to judge the signals is also a big reason. 
    • Sudden Break: due to any reason, if the driver hits break suddenly, it may create confusion for other drivers and ultimately lead to an accident. 
    • Not using headlights: if a driver forgets to turn on the headlights at night, in rain or fog, other drivers will not be able to judge the presence and can cause accidents. 

    Although, these reasons not always result in a reckless traffic accident, these reasons can also accuse you guilty for violating traffic laws. All of the causes mentioned above are illegal and lead to fines for the driver, imprisonment, community service, and much more. 

    How to prevent a reckless driving car accident?

    We can prevent reckless driving accidents simply by driving safely and following the traffic laws. Also, here are some precautionary tips that a driver must follow to save themselves and others on the road from not becoming the victim of a dangerous rash driving accidents.

    These tips include:

    • If you find any car driver non-serious, just stay away from him/her. If the car is taking wrong cuts, not going into its lane, accelerating too close or too fast, you should stay away from such cars. 
    • Make a complaint against dangerous drivers. When you notice a reckless driver on the road, you can call the local police. If a truck driver driving recklessly, you can call on the number that is usually written on the back of their trailer and complaint to their employer. 
    • Always fasten your seat belts and ask your passengers to do the same. Seat belts can help in preventing injuries in case of accidents. 
    • Don’t rush while driving to your destination. It’s better to arrive late than to never have arrived at all. Thus you will not feel in a hurry, and will not have to click on the speed, shorten paths or endanger yourself and your passengers by violating traffic laws.
    • Never be distracted from driving. Do not use the phone or eat while driving; this ensures that you do not cause an accident due to carelessness, and this will save you if you meet a reckless driver on the road.
    • Be active. A driver must be alert and active while driving about what is happening around him. don’t drive if you are tired or drunk. You should be prepared to react to the road’s condition and other drivers on the road to prevent accidents. 

    Despite the precautions you can take, there are still chances for you to be a victim of reckless driving. If this occurs, you may need compensation and you might need an experienced car accident lawyer


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