Pretty and Practical DIY Shelving Ideas

    Interested in making your own wall shelves? We have the projects for you! Check out our DIY unique wall shelving ideas that provide stunning results. 

    If you have an eye for detail, $100 to spare, unwavering patience, and a desperate need for more storage space, DIY shelving is the obvious solution.

    Yet, standard shelving units fall into two categories.

    The first is blandness. Everything is symmetrical, you’re drilling plain wood shelves into the studs, and each shelf has rigid edges. But the unit does a great job at decluttering your floor and keeping your prized items in one place.

    The second is impracticality. The shelves are certainly Pinterest-worthy and the first decor piece to catch your guests’ eyes. But the shelves are too flimsy or small to be proper storage solutions.

    But these seven DIY shelving ideas are as pretty as they are practical!

    Hanging Wood Shelves

    Picture an industrial, beachy, and farmhouse fusion, and you have eHow’s take on modern, hanging wood shelves!

    It’s the perfect addition to a sunroom or reading nook.

    This subtle yet eye-catching unit features a thick 30” galvanized steel pipe drilled into the studs. It’s sturdy enough to leave three spacious shelves suspended mid-air while infusing a metallic touch to a neutral-toned space.

    With four ropes coiled around the pipe and knotted beneath each 35” plank, this shelving unit adopts a cozy homestead or coastal vibe.

    Stack your favorite vintage reads. Put your old-school Polaroid camera on full display. Or, lean a decorative captain’s wheel and ship in a bottle against the wall.

    Not to mention, this one’s an easy build and doesn’t require much craftsmanship.

    $15 Wine Rack

    If your favorite Saturday getaway is to a local vineyard for a ritzy wine tasting, Shanty-2-Chic’s $15 DIY wine rack will bring the vin de table home to you.

    This shelving unit can seamlessly fill in that awkward gap in your kitchen. Or, you can dedicate a bare corner of your dining room to a classy minibar featuring none other than this rugged, chic wine rack.

    All you need is a few planks, screws, bolts, glue, and stain. Bonus points if it matches your dining room set!

    The final product is flawless. Lie your favorite wines and champagnes on their side, wedge them between the rear plank and the hex bolts, and label “what’s on tap.”

    Who said DIY couldn’t also be classy?

    Corner Tree Shelf

    Empty corners are always a challenge to fill. 

    Unless you find a corner end table or the perfect faux ficus, that awkward corner space ultimately collects dust and creepy cobwebs.

    If you have an empty corner, some craftsmanship, and a calling for the great outdoors, this DIY corner tree shelf by DecorHomeIdeas hits all three!

    Now, finding a 6’ tall piece of driftwood sitting on the sandy shores might be impossible if you live in the midwest. But if you can snag a fallen tree and borrow a friend’s workshop space, this DIY project is doable within a weekend.

    Once you secure it to the wall with brackets, let your decorative spirit run wild. The natural vibe meshes flawlessly with iron lanterns, small plants, and conch shells.

    Tree Bookshelf

    Are you tired of the standard, tiered bookshelf?

    If so, the tree bookshelf designed by Live Free Creative can add some geometric flair to a child’s reading corner or office — all with nothing more than Amazon-bought bookshelves and a power drill.

    With 15 mini bookshelves sprawling floor to ceiling, it’s time to bring out your inner-Martha Stewart. 

    Arrange your books by color for a satisfying red-to-purple rainbow. Or, label each shelf by book topic; separate your biographies, sci-fi novels, and coloring books!

    Lazy Susan for Shoes

    This DIY Lazy Susan for shoes by Better Homes & Gardens is the epitome of practical and pretty. Whether it steals the show in a glammed-up teen girl’s bedroom or winds up tucked away in the back corner of a walk-in closet, it’s $200-$250 well-spent.

    Building this old-school contraption requires a little bit of power tool know-how (for example, a jigsaw).

    But after 15 steps and beaded sweat on your forehead, you’ll wind up with a swiveling shoe storage solution for the stiletto (or Yeezy) collector.

    Never dig for the perfect pair again!

    Wood and Leather-Strap Shelving

    If you’re craving stylish yet straightforward wall storage, look no further than the wood and leather-strap shelving unit by One Kings Lane

    This easy build requires a few unlikely supplies, like leather straps, X-Acto blades, and brass screws. But if you can figure out how to use a power drill and follow a seven-step instructional guide, you can end the afternoon as a tool-savvy master.

    The thick leather straps hang the 30” wood planks sturdily above your bedroom dresser. What better place to tout your trophies, family photos, and diploma?

    Honeycomb Shelving

    Not a single interior designer can explain why. But the latest home design trends brought hexagon (or the classic honeycomb shape) along with them. This honeycomb shelving unit by Jenna Burger Design is a modern-era icon.

    Now, it does require a little hands-on expertise, especially if you’re new to drills, saws, and staining wood.

    But the result is nothing short of superb. 

    Whether you attach your honeycombs on an angle or create a unique wall pattern, these mini shelves certainly scream modern. Give each hexagon a theme, like sports, fishing, books, or photos. Or, offer individual decor pieces their own spotlight.


    All of these can add a pretty, practical touch to any room in your apartment. But before you buy planks, a stud finder, or leather straps, think about a few things:

    • Your budget for supplies
    • How much weight the shelves need to support
    • Whether the unit is safe for curious cats, dogs, or children 
    • If you prefer permanent vs. temporary shelves
    • Your DIY prowess

    Once you ‘answer’ all five of these, you’re ready to select a DIY shelving unit and declutter your home once and for all.

    Happy building!

    Author bio:

    Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Anson. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Anson a place everyone loves to call home.


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