Swift Publisher Review

    Simplification and versatility are two leading features any desktop publishing software for Mac should possess. Swift Publisher is a perfect sample in this perspective. With its intuitive design and divergent features, it is a solid competitor to more known solutions like Adobe Creative Cloud. Time is a treasured resource, and this application enables me to save enough resources and contribute them to other fields of my activities.

    What Do You Like Most?

    It is easy to understand that efficiency is what I am looking for when I need a new program to implement in my workflow. 500 templates and an incredible collection of text and image editing tools make me feel convenient and confident in the results, no matter which deadlines I have to comply with.

    Besides, the Master Pages function is my top favorite. Instead of recreating the repeated footers or headers over and over again, I can just click one magic button and style multipage documents faster and more accurately. The Two-Page Spreads are also included in the list of abilities that are time-efficient and even motivating. I have a chance to style double-page layouts with a complete backup from the analyzed publication software for Mac, and that’s cool.

    Unlimited layers, merge printing, customizable grids, tools for barcodes and serial numbers, dynamic data fields — only these features are a great reason to spend your time on its discovery and testing. My colleagues recommended this application, and I don’t regret my decision to invest into it.

    Editor’s Choice: Premium Features

    It is not a problem to get acquainted with the list of available features beforehand in this case: on the official website – https://www.swiftpublisher.com/, you will find all the requested information. Today I would like to focus on functions that do help me tune my workflow in a more beneficial way. Here are some of them:

    • Accurate dimensions — the fact Swift Publisher offers such a rich suite of templates can’t help but be omitted, but more general functionality isn’t lagging behind too. What I really appreciate is the sizing opportunities. Apart from setting my file in inches, it is as simple as ABC to choose pixels, points, and picas for my layouts. There may be different project requirements, and this kind of versatility is really helpful.
    • Text manipulations — the chance to check spelling right during creating the necessary layout is what minimizes risks of misprints to occur. That also increases the professional degree of my work. In addition, extra features for making text fonts and headings let enthusiasts play with lettering and typography opportunities.
    • Excellent publishing tools — it is hard to disagree that special page design software for Mac can’t be lacking in terms of dedicated publishing functionality. With the help of Spread View, customers are enabled to work on two pages simultaneously and diversify the appearance of magazines, brochures, and similar materials. At the same time, the ability to transform fonts into vector graphics options will eliminate any risks of misprinting something at any professional printing agency. Adjustable and customization of features are second to none.

    The Program’s Drawbacks

    To tell the truth, there are just a few things that I find disadvantageous about Swift Publisher. For some users, its compatibility may seem a lack in functionality since it is designed for Mac platforms only. The training options aren’t really divergent, but the available video tutorials are informative and easier in catching.

    As you can see, there would be a huge advantage to mention for each minor disadvantage present. Users are welcome to stay in touch with the developer’s support team and experience elegant and hassle-free troubleshooting ever.

    Last but not least, before purchasing these desktop publishing tools for Mac under the brand of Swift Publisher, don’t hesitate to check how satisfactory the offered ensemble of features will be for you. With the help of a free trial, it is not a big deal to do. It is better to test new software beforehand than to regret your decision to subscribe at the end. As my experience shows, the majority of those to whom I recommended Swift Publisher find it a lifesaver.



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