Popular Bathroom Products You Can Find In UK Homes

    People in the UK like to have a quick shower than a bath. Recent research by Victorian plumbing reveals that taking a shower is the first choice for more than half of adults in the UK.

    The busy life that people lead now does not leave the time needed for a luxurious bath as per the shower fans. But those who prefer baths say it is the only way they can unwind after a busy day.

    With opinions divided on the matter, we delved further into the preferences of UK residents when it comes to bathroom products. Here is what we found out.

    Bathtubs and showers

    Let us start with the most prominent bathroom fixture, the bathtub. Despite the popular opinion that UK residents prefer showers to baths, consumers have plenty of choices now. There is an extensive range of bathroom products for UK residents online and offline.

    Letta London is a luxury bathroom products site that features a wide range of products in diverse designs and budgets. From freestanding and corner baths to Whirlpool baths and steel baths shoppers can easily find what they need at their desired price.

    There are shower sets for consumers who prefer a shower and shower baths for those who like the convenience of having a shower and bath. Regardless of the product you choose, the high quality and range of designs make them stand apart.

    Eco-friendly Bathroom 

    According to Future Homes Standard 2025, the UK government has decided to cut down the energy consumption.  The government plans to end the use of fossil fuels in homes by 2030.

    In the few decades, the need for energy efficiency has influenced many industries globally. As a result, it is common now to find LED lights in most UK homes. Other environment supporting bathroom products are water-saving showers and an eco-friendly bathroom structure.

    More and more buyers in the UK and other parts of the world now prefer an eco-friendly home. This is particularly true for the younger generation of homeowners or renters. One of the major spaces in a home that can be made eco-friendly is the bathroom. A simple way to make a bathroom environment friendly is to use LED lighting.

    Extractor fans reduce moisture in a bathroom. Using an LED integrated extractor fan will further lower the environmental impact. Humidity sensors and timers can reduce energy consumption. The fan will switch off when the room is dry so it does not waste energy.

    Tech-savvy bathrooms

    Dual fuel designs are popular now in UK homes. The design helps to keep the bathroom efficiently heated. The dual fuel design of heated towel rails and radiators helps to keep the bathroom warm in winter.

    They use the central heating system during the winter. During summer they heat only the towel rails with the heating to the other parts of the home turned off. This type of technology and customized heating makes customers save money on their utility bills.

    A dual flush toilet is another money-saving tech used in bathrooms. The toilets help save water per flush and prevent wastage. For older toilets that do not have a dual flush mechanism, a converter is added. The converter uses a secondary flush system for water control.

    Sustainable bathroom flooring

    Tile is a popular choice for those who prefer sustainable flooring. When compared to vinyl flooring, tiles are biodegradable. They do not discharge harmful synthetic substances. Further, tile is easy to clean and is an ideal choice for the bathroom due to its water-safe structure.

    Earthenware tiles are popular as they are sturdy and there are different varieties and hues. Consumers can use them to make any type of structure. Precautions like sealing the grout lines to avoid recolouring and including a dampness-resistant layer will keep them durable for a longer span.

    The three R’s

    Instead of buying new bathroom fittings and fixtures going the 3-R way is becoming prevalent now. Salvage yards have plenty of materials for the bathroom like furniture, timber beams, tiles, stone, and more. Homeowners can use reclaimed stone, marble, terracotta, or tile for the flooring.

    Reusing the existing products in a bathroom is another way to save the environment. Repainting the bathroom instead of replacing the fixtures will be a more eco-friendly and economic option.

    Heated towel rails and radiators made of recycled Aluminium are some of the ways to use recycled products in the bathroom. Companies like Dulux provide recycled paint. Some of the bathroom tiles are carbon-neutral and made using 40% or more of recycled materials.

    Final word

    Bathroom products have undergone a gradual shift in recent times. People now prefer sustainable and environment favouring materials. From reducing water and energy consumption to making a style statement the products available now are diverse. Buying local products is one way to encourage sustainability. Choosing top-quality products that last longer is another way to encourage sustainability.

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