Video Poker VS Regular Poker: Main Differences

    Card games have always attracted thousands of people, making some of them obsessed. Among a wide range of card games, poker has a special place. It represents the whole category of games, each of which has its specific rules but presupposes wagering and the process of collecting the highest possible combination of cards to beat the opponent. Poker can be played by 2-10 people and presupposes many exciting things (besides the notorious feeling of adrenalin), so the game managed to win the hearts of millions of fans across the world.

    The number of poker players keeps growing. And if it might be called an underground way of entertainment a few decades ago, today, it’s mainstream. Thus, poker is played by people of various social statuses, nationalities, and incomes.

    The development of IT made the game even more accessible by providing punters with an opportunity to play online. Many Australian online casinos for real money offer diverse varieties of video poker to play without leaving a home place. And still, regular poker has its faithful fans. What is actually better? In our article, we’re going to observe the key difference between traditional and Internet poker.

    What is Video Poker?

    It is an electronic card game, which is based on five-card draw poker. It works thanks to the software created by the developers of casino games. The main purpose of a punter is to collect the highest possible combination of cards to beat the opponent. The latest is represented by a computer. It means that, compared to the regular game, online players don’t play against real people.

    The bets and payouts are predefined by a paytable, which is accessible for punters in settings. Stakes have limitations, while the results depend on an RNG. Video poker is very similar to slot machines. We can even suppose that it’s a pokie created with a design of a poker game.

    The first land-based poker machines were created in the 20th century. They looked just like one-armed bandits, only the tokens were represented by playing cards. When a strong poker hand appeared on reels, punters obtained a payout. The next step in the development of video poker was made in the 1980s thanks to the development of new technologies.

    The further development of IT and the spreading of the Internet allowed transferring video poker to the online space. Many legendary poker rooms have been created since that time. Besides, many Internet casinos began to offer video poker options among other games of chance.

    The most popular variations of video poker include:

    • Jacks or Better (it’s the most famous variation, which offers payouts starting at a pair of Jacks)
    • Bonus Poker (four-of-a-kind combos bring extra payouts)
    • Deuces Wild (2s act as Wild items, while payouts begin at 3-of-a-kind)
    • Double Bonus Poker (greater rewards are given for 4-of-a-kind combos, lower payouts are granted for 2-of-a-kind)
    • Joker Poker (the joker card has a function of a wild, while payouts start at two Kings).


    The Benefits of Video Poker

    In comparison to traditional poker, the video version has certain benefits:

    • It can be played online and offline (at land-based and Internet casinos)
    • It doesn’t require profound knowledge and skills
    • It is represented by many variations
    • It has a fast gameplay
    • It’s simple to understand
    • It might be played at any time and in any place (from a PC or mobile device).

    These are probably the key reasons for many punters to prefer video poker.


    Main Differences Between Traditional and Video Poker

    Let’s consider the main features, which are typical for regular and video poker games to better understand their difference:


    Basis of difference Video poker Traditional poker
    Format A punter is a single player. He/she plays against the computer. Thus, the opponents can’t make mistakes as it happens in real life. It’s played against other punters. Thus, the main task is to outsmart and beat the opponents. More people are usually involved in the game.
    Chance VS skills This game works on the basis of RNG and software. Like many slot machines, it is more a game of chance, so your skills can’t somehow change the outcomes. A punter just presses the corresponding buttons to use functions. Regular poker is recognized as a game of skills, at least, partially. Mental capabilities and skills can greatly influence the results. Besides, it’s possible to build a long-term strategy to get larger rewards.
    Stake limitations The possible bet amounts are limited. Besides, the payouts are calculated automatically. For instance, a Royal Flush combo will always offer a payout of 250:1. The limitations in traditional poker can vary depending on the type of the game. There’re even games with no limits (for example, No-limit Texas Hold’em). Surely, there’re variations with fixed betting limitations as well.
    House edge The gaming facility always has a certain percentage to make its profit. There’s a certain number of losses, in the long run, to return a certain amount to the casino. Due to the fact punters play with real people, there’s no house edge. Sometimes it might be necessary to pay a small amount (poker rake) to the casino if a gaming facility has such a rule.
    Social issue As we’ve mentioned, a punter plays against a computer, so we can’t speak about any social aspects of the game. The only exception is possible Live dealer poker but it’s not actually a video game. Millions of people adore poker for the chance to play and communicate with real gamblers. You can read their faces, try to deceive them, and just enjoy a special atmosphere of a social game.



    Regular and video poker are two separate games. They have similar rules but all the other aspects are completely different. Each variety has its pros and cons. Thus, every type of poker has loyal fans. It’s only up to a punter to decide, which variety is more suitable. Surely, it’s recommended to try both of them to have a truly wonderful gambling experience.

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