Over 120 Minutes of Leo All Day Every Day

    Ever since a young Leonardo Dicaprio graced our television screens as Luke on Growing Pains, I have felt obligated to come clean. I never quite understood his “Teen Bop” heartthrob status from the very beginning. Sure, he had boyish good looks, but even back then, I dreamed of ‘a man’s man’.

    Although his breakout Titanic role as Jack Dawson never truly made me swoon, I have always loved and respected his performances; This Boy’s Life, Basketball Diaries, Romeo & Juliet…  his list of street cred goes on and on in Hollywood.

    I always knew this guy was an entirely different caliber of an actor. One we had never seen in our generation.

    As Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar nominations began to pour in, it finally happened to me… His masculinity caught up with him and I was a hooked fish.

    For me, Leo didn’t officially turn my head untill his charismatic character, Frank Abagnale, then my head spun out of control when I saw his facial hair in The Departed, and listened to his accent in Blood Diamond.

    However, there are two major gripes that I need to address which really burn my toast about Leonardo DiCaprio:

    1) When it comes to picking a mate, can you browse through another catalog?


    2) Can someone send this guy a 90 minute script for once?

    When I think about Leo’s personal life the scene from Goodfellas with Joe Pesci’s mother immediately comes to mind.

    “Why don’t you get yourself a nice girl? Settle down.” ( and preferably the way Clooney did it…I’m so over the Victoria Secret models, I repeat, get a new catalog )

    Anyway, I am going on a tangent.

    The real inspiration behind this list is because as much as I adore and appreciate any cinematic adventure starring Leo, sometimes I simply do not have the time to commit to his films, especially more than once. So here we go:

    Leonardo Dicaprio Movie List Over 120 Minutes Broken Down

    Revolutionary Road: 121 minutes

    Shutter Island: 138 minutes

    Catch Me If You Can: 141 minutes

      Blood Diamond: 143 minutes

    The Great Gatsby: 143 minutes

    Inception: 148 minutes

    The Departed: 151 minutes

    DJango Unchained: 165 minutes

    Gangs of New York: 167 minutes

    The Aviator: 170 minutes

    The Wolf of Wall Street: 180 minutes

    Titanic: 194 minutes

    There is no denying his brilliance and dedication to every role above. I just wish I could make the same sacrifices for my man.

    *Theaters were forced provide big, comfy reclining seats, just because movie go-ers were getting back pain from Leonardo Dicaprio films. Fact.


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