The Many Faces of Meryl a Look Back on Her Greatest Roles

    One movie after another, Meryl Streep has transformed herself effortlessly into some of the most iconic characters in cinematic history. Approaching her whopping 20th Oscar nomination for her latest role, Meryl always delivers a game-changing performance as she continually raises the Hollywood bar for a new group of talented up & comers. From musical adaptations to rom-com’s and dramas, Streep seems to be an unstoppable force whether drawing box-office success or award-winning glory.

    Although her numbers and acting ability have yet to be surpassed, she doesn’t see herself through the eyes of the public. Many actors and actresses either retire early once they have achieved the golden statues/honors, or they choose to participate in the movies requiring little or no skills, merely for a paycheck or for their own merriment. Not this Iron Lady.

    Just because she has countless great films accredited to her name, her accolades certainly haven’t stopped her from diving into more and more thankless, demanding personas of pop-culture. She is the on-screen chameleon defining artistry in the biz.

    Here are some of our all-time favorite Meryl’s…

    The Knockout

    Gut-wrenching, complex, relatable, but graceful, these pictures solidified her position as an emotional powerhouse complete with exquisite meltdowns and impeccable accents.

    • Kramer Vs. Kramer
      • Bridges of Madison Countytumblr_mvf6rwhFjB1rthkuko4_250
      • Sophie’s Choiceimages (1)
        • Streep played Sophie, an immigrant who escaped the concentration camp. As the film unfolds, the devastating fate of her two children is revealed.

      The Survivor/Explorer

      The perfect blend between a toxic avenger, and a characterization which is both tough and vulnerable in equal measure.

      • The River WildThe-River-Wild-meryl-streep-33081746-494-227
      • Out of Africa tumblr_n10ejeGB3o1rrtza4o5_r1_400
      • Adaptationtumblr_m9qkivgSSk1qh2o7zo1_500
      • Music of the Heart tumblr_m2wg3s5e091qh2o7zo1_500

      Mama Meryl

      The wildly touching, yet distinct versions of middle-aged mothers figuring out life.

      • It’s Complicatedgiphy
      • Mamma Mia!tumblr_lezezkkGk61qbn23bo1_500
      • Ricki and the Flash  meryl

      The Ice Queen

      Even men have no shame in their affection for this guilty-pleasure as Meryl exudes both frost and charm at the same time.

      • The Devil Wears Pradagiphy
        • Giving glare that will make you melt, all day, ‘ery day!

      The ‘Is That Really Meryl’?

      We have to do a double-take as this famous face physical alters her appearance to confront and embody the tricky material of these motion pictures.

      • Doubtgiphy
        • Bone-chilling and scene-stealing
      • The Hourstumblr_nh8kgkNqbq1qcd8z7o3_500
        • Virginia Wolf was impressed.
      • Julia & Julia d9c12418-0bb0-453e-a51b-777c31897bff
        • #Twinning
      • Death Becomes Hergiphy
        • She makes death look good!

      And here Meryl stars in the 2016 crowd-pleasing satire as she has morphed into the media mogul himself…

      Don’t forget to check out Meryl in the latest film, recently released in theaters Florence Foster Jenkins.